Would you like to spend deluxe time in the hotel filled with art 【Hotel Nikko Alivila】 and wake up your five senses?♪

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Hotel Nikko Alivila



Hotel Nikko Alivila is located in the central area of Okinawa Isalnd.

This resort hotel is situated inside true Okinawa scenery in Yomitan Village which is told to be a village in Japan with the largest population and interposed between sugarcane fields and blue sea!



Alivila (which is combination of “Alvilo” meaning relaxation” and “villa” in Spanish language) has a specific appearance of white walls and Spanish style red tile to create Spanish colonial design♪



Interiors with overflowing art


Not only exterior but interior of Alivila is also designed in Southern European style.

After coming in a lot of stylish furniture and interiors stand out!


▼ A unique chandelier in the lobby.

▼ It is told that the design represents the space of Universe (*´ー`*)


Moreover aromatic flavor is spreading out in the lobby.

The healing flavor will make you to take a deep breath of relief. We were told that it was the aroma of white gardenia♪

Since even the flavor provides hospitality the mood also become cheerful~!


▼ Long corridor with arcs and sunlight piercing inside is the characteristic feature of Alivila.

▼ In the end of the corridor it is an object like totem pole.


▼ Sun diagram on the floor.

▼ This mark is also told to be the symbol of sunny paradise “Alivila”♪


▼ Unexpectedly photo spot was found while shooting!



In addition there are many other art objects to see like a picture that decorates a space in front of the elevator (upper one) or fountain near the spiral staircase inside (lower one)!

Even though we are walking inside the hotel we meet a lot of art♪


If you get a “Alivila Museum” pamphlet in the hotel you will find the details about interior decorations and paintings here so please try to ask the staff (^O^)



Moreover, the patio (inner garden) that can be reached from the corridor is also one of interesting spots of Alivila.



Fountain, Goddess Statues and terracotta tiles on white walls bring vivid memories of Spain. Every photo shot will become a picture!!!

You will keep making and making photos surrounded by the scenery you usually can not see in everyday life \(^O^)/



Even southern lauhala trees inside such view look much more vivid and it is really unusual♪ 🙂



After slowly watching rich multicolored flora in the patio let’s go to the exclusive for accommodating guests garden pool with East China Sea view.


When you come to Alivila please enjoy this space filled with foreign atmosphere fully♪


By the way, Halloween decorations are applied to the hotel interiors and patio in October 2018 ( ´∀`)
Everyone, it is your chance to go to Alivila!



Stylish guest room


Guest rooms in the art hotel..

are stylish, of course☆♪



On the picture you can see a guest room decorate with blue sea and beautiful flowers patterns and designed in the style of multicolored nature that surrounds Alivila.

The room’s name is “Superior ocean patio twin”.



A panoramic view from the balcony is magnificent (T-T)

You can overlook the patio (inner garden), pool and the beach nearby!


Beautiful sea with gradations of blue delicately changes its color due to amount of sunlight and you can say “now is the most beautiful moment” every time you go the balcony to watch at the sea…


You will definitely want to make the lovely scenery in front of your own♪



Popular breakfast “Verdemar”




Delicious and notable meal of Alivila.
We recommend breakfast buffet in the brasserie “Verdemar”!


Soft and melty omelet and French toast with brown sugar made by the chef right in front of you are masterpiece \(^O^)/
Overeating from the morning… yes, it is obvious 🙂



If eat breakfast enjoying sea view the taste becomes something special


It looks like there are many visitors that come here because they want to try breakfast in “Verdemar” one more time♪


So if this popular breakfast becomes one of factors to choose a hotel how about trying it?




Nirai Beach



Natural Nirai Beach is spreading out in front of the hotel♪



Shallow and with preeminent transparency!

This beach is also popular for various marine activities.


It is possible to swim in the sea of Nirai Beach at high tide but at low tide the water level within swimming area ebbs and becomes lower than knees and it is almost not possible to swim(>_<)
But instead you can meet with many living things on the reef!


Attractive point of Nirai Beach is that you can enjoy sea in accordance with the rise and fall of the tides twice a day♪



On the beach

so called interesting rock “Kinoko no Iwa” (“Mushroom Rock”) stands and you can try to search it when you come here♪ 🙂



Also this beach with preeminent sense of privacy is recommended as a strolling course!

In early morning when the sun is hidden behind the hotel and the beach is in shade feel sea breeze and experience the supreme feelings of strolling calm beach listening to the sound of waves!!!


Everyone, what do you think of making top quality memories and spend a good time in Hotel Nikko Alivila?


▼ Hotel reservations and details are here!


<Hotel Nikko Alivila>

Parking area Available, free
1,000 JPY per car for 1 stay (tax included)
Mapcode 338 813 02*7
Address 〒904-0327



\ Interactive facilities near the hotel /


< Murasaki Mura Ryukyu Kingdom Theme Park 



You can experience a traditional Okinawan karate!


Here is the moment when Okinawa Holiday Hackers tried it♪



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