Number of cows is more than humans?! I tried to go around Kuroshima Island located in 30 minute ride on ferry from Ishigaki Island on bicycle~!

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Kuyonara, everyone! (It means “Hello” in Ishigaki Island dialect☆) I am Goma from Okinawa Holiday Hackers ☆


This time I visited not only Ishigaki island but also remote island of Kuroshima recommended by people from Ishigaki Island also ~☆



Do you know that this Kuroshima Island is also known as “Cow island” because the number of cows is more than human population?


Speaking about proportions, it is about 12 head of cattle vs 1 human, it’s really large number ☆


Therefore I want to introduce sightseeing spots of Kuroshima while counting the number of cattle and people I actually meet~!


At first, how to go to Kuroshima…?


  • Shin-Ishigaki Airport

    ↓Moving by bus or rental car

  • Terminal to remote islands on Ishigaki island

    ↓Buy a boarding ticket to a vessel to Kuroshima and get on board (about 30 minutes, 6 rides on each direction of round trip)

  • Kuroshima


And if the travel starts on Ishigaki Island you will reach the goal in the blink of an eye!


From the ferry you can see beautiful scenes like this ♡



But what should I do if I get lost on the island with such large number of cows~ Well, I think I can manage it somehow

So being wrapped into feelings of considerable anxiety and curiosity I am here! The trip around Kurashima starts~~~☆


At first after getting off the ferry persons who move to rental bicycles have a kind of direction guide, so let’s check whether I can get one at once! (*゚∀゚)/”

There were people who made reservation for rental bicycle in advance!


And then in several minutes of walking I got to the spot of renting ☆


After arrival and advance payment I am asked about time of return (゚∀゚)


I also received a handmade map from the rental bicycle store and was told that I can choose any bicycle from there which I want, so it is really freedom of choice♪


→ I have no sense of direction but I have strong intention to go!


〈Matchan Oba no Rental Cycle〉(Kuroshima Bike And Motorbike Rental)

Address 〒907-1311 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島449


I also chose a bicycle for my partner and after some doubts where to go left or right, I chose left.


There are 3 transportation options for tourists: motorcycle, power-assisted bicycle and bicycle. So let’s make preparations and go!

There are no rental cars or taxi here ~(゚∀゚)/”


But roads are being maintained properly so traveling is pleasant!


Speaking of what you should do, since there is almost no shades I say again: please do not forget sunscreen, cap and water!!!


→ Dragonfly comes in! Could you please fly away? ☆


Dining hall discovered! Store appearance is filled with the mood of southern land and cute, isn’t it? ♡



〈Guest house Para Achan〉

Address 〒907-1311 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島83


And riding the bicycle I recognized that I frightfully feel eyes on me! But contrary to expectations it was just a cow! (゚∀゚)



→ I am getting close and timidly take a souvenir photo


Looking at the cow I also managed to relax and take a rest and then another store was discovered!


→ The store is almost without people, looks interesting…


OK, go in!



→ The writing is nice~


Like it is written on the signboard there are surprisingly no people, and here you can also enjoy specific atmosphere of remote island ☆



Address 〒907-1311 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島1832


Nakamoto Kaigan (Nakamoto Shore)


I started to think that colors of pictures taken anywhere here can easily become a postcard, but soon I arrived to Nakamoto Kaigan~~~\(^o^)/



By the way, if you want to go to toilet it is your chance ☆:)



→ Nice gradation♪


Thought it is written that swimming is prohibited, occasionally you may see boys and girls wearing swimsuits…



And here I met with the true local person the first time! With an idea to look after people on the shore who look anxious, I felt the warmness of islander’s soul~(*´ω`*)

With a feeling of tired relief go to the next destination point!


〈Nakamoto Kaigan (Nakamoto Shore)  〉

Address 〒907-1311 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島


Kuroshima Lighthouse


In front of a person with a poor sense of direction this scene is appeared


→ What?! Can I go there?


But signboard is also here and it looks like there are no another ways to go, so… let’s try to move forward!


→ Yeah, it is here!


Going through the bush may feel a bit uneasy but when you reach the place where sea is spreading out you can enjoy the spirit of journey♪


〈Kuroshima Lighthouse〉

Address 〒907-1311 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島


Goodbye lighthouse… and I proceed to the destination point I should aim the first while wind tries to take off my cap. After some time of pedaling a building that looks like a cafe appears!


→ The old place… this kind of house… an ideal place of comfort.


This place if famous for yashigani soba (noodles with coconut crab). Terrace seats are available on the 2nd floor and it looks that you can enjoy good view from there ~☆

I really want to drop in but the next point calls me~~~ψ(`∇´)ψ


〈Soba cafe Snorkel senmonten Undoya〉

Address 〒907-1311 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島1552


Ikosanbashi (ikosan Bridge)


The rising expectations are inside me: what scene will I see next? And here it is!


→ Wow! Green tunnel ~~~☆



→ It is already enough, please stop (*´ω`*)


I was close to be satisfied by this, take a look!


→ Together with clothes of a man I don’t know.




Magnificent~ I want to go that direction~! It is good for “farewell scene” in some movie~~~! While thinking like this my plans are still to embark the boat at 13:40 to go back…

And therefore I think that I want to remember happy feelings of a person who was there♪


〈Ikosanbashi (ikosan Bridge) 〉

Address 〒907-1311 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島


Until now I went around famous sightseeing spots on the main street on Kuroshima, how was it?


Here is the result of inspection of the statement given in the beginning that there are 12 head of cattle vs 1 human made during actual bicycle ride around Kuroshima.

I understood that there were about 5 people that looked like locals but more than 100 cows! (゚∀゚)


It was really a peaceful and nice island with kind islanders so if I want to raise cows I would prefer to do it on this island if possible~~~☆


So if it is your long-awaited travel to Ishigaki Island how about to go to remote island nearby by ferry and spend time with fun?
Maybe you could enjoy a completely different scenery or atmosphere depending on the island♪



☆ Bonus ☆


By the way, are there any people who thought that there were no souvenir shops?
Actually at the ferry pier on Kuroshima here is souvenir shop ☆


→ This is the place unexpectedly!


→ Only 1 human disappears among 19 cows on the sticker


So I have bought it for myself♪



Address 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町黒島黒島港船客待合所



☆ Information from local people ☆

To tell the truth, do you know the timing when sea looks the most beautiful? 

Here it is! The time is about 5 minutes after a ferry departures from the port!



Do you like it?

When you go the remote island you definitely should enjoy the sea on your way back by ferry ☆


And I also want to visit remote islands around Ishigaki Island sometime!

But for persons who do not like to travel without plans there are various activities so please use it for your reference ~ψ(`∇´)ψ


By the way, if you like Taketomi Island how about this?



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