How about spending a comfortable time on small【Hamahiga Island】hiding great power?

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Hello, everyone (^o^)


This time on Okinawa Holiday Hackers we introduce a remote island with resort hotels and natural beaches. The island full of charm that can be reached by car and that is also known as a power spot♪




In this place you can refresh both your body and spirit
“Hamahiga Island”



Hamahiga is a remote island that can be reached by car via Hamahiga Bridge connected to Henza Island that can be reached from the Mid-sea Road in the central area of Okinawa Island.

There are two villages: Hama and Higa. The population of this small island is 530 people.


It is not possible to go around the island by car so

when you come here please use car navigation system and turn around the island ^ ^




This is a place where soshin (ancestors honored as gods) of Ryukyu lived


Hamaiga is an island known as a mystical spot!

Likewise Kudaka Island known as the island of gods nearby the southern part of Okinawa Island, this is the island where the origin of Ryukyu mythology still left and it is told that 2 Ryukyu gods-ancestors Amamichu (Amamikiyo) and Shirumichu (Shinerikiyo) lived on this island.






Shirumichu is considered to be a place where two gods lived.

As a place of worship of people praying for children, it is said that many people come here from far countries and this is the greatest power spot on the island!


It is situated on a small hill south to Higa village and it is possible to reach place close to the entrance by car. Large torii (Shinto shrine archway) and a long stair with 108 steps covered under green roof are here.

You can feel stern atmosphere of the place literally with your skin.


The board in front of torii with explanation about Shirumichu tells us as follows.

This place is told to be a residence of the original Ryukyu ancestors Amamichu and Shirumichu. In the beginning of every year to do the act of worshiping, noro (female medium in Okinawa) as the central figure picks up and brings a small stone from the beach to put it into the enshrined urn in the cave and worships. Also in the cave so called “Inseki” stalactite stands and this stone is being worshiped as a magical rock that grants gift of childbirth. This is a valuable sacred place with large area for praying.




It is believed that the two gods lived in this cavern on the top of the long stairs.


If stand in front of the cave you will naturally feel focusing sense in your spine. You could really feel the energy in this place. When I was there I saw a couple holding hands of each other and popularity comes to this power spot(╹◡╹)


Everyone who comes to Hamahiga Island should also walk here.



< How to reach Shirumichu >

Mapcode 499 490 880*85
Address 〒904-2316





Grave of Amamichu



Situated in the sea near Higa village small island (Amanji Rock) protruding into the sea is told to be enshrined by the two gods Amamichu and Shirumichu mentioned before.

If go via the concrete road and turn left you will find the Grave.

You can go there on foot but at high tide or if waves are high footing becomes bad so please be careful.


Visit this place also when you come to Hamahiga Island ^^



< How to reach Grave of Amamichu >

Mapcode 499 551 366*25
Address 〒904-2316





Artificial and natural beaches on the island


【Artificial beach】Hamahiga Beach



If cross the Hamahiga Bridge, turn right and then proceed along the road you will see Hamahiga Beach of the prefectural purveyor♪

It is located in Hama village.


The place is crowded by people enjoying barbecue and camping on Golden Week and summer season and in winter you can see fishing people.


Moreover it is also a recommended spot to drop during night drive!

Though it can be reached by car it is still a remote island.

There are almost no lights on the streets and superb view of bright starry sky can be seen if there is no moon. And in full moon you can see mystical sea scenery lit by moonlight ( ´∀`)


This beach always shows a magnificent expression regardless time of the day.



< How to reach Hamahiga Beach >

Mapcode 499 549 522*58
Address 〒904-2315





【Natural beach】Murukuhama Beach



This is a natural beach on Hamahiga Island.



Untouched beach is calm and very peaceful.

Blue sky and sound of waves.


It looks like it is surrounded by the island and this place is what your heart is willing for(╹◡╹)


It seems that marine activities are being conducted on Murukuhama Beach until the end of October so if you visit the spot enjoy them♪



< How to reach Murukuhama Beach >

Mapcode 499 521 690*65
Address 〒904-2315





Spend time on island in different ways in 2 hotels♪


Hotel Hamahigajima Resort



This is a resort hotel standing close to Murukuhama Beach♪



From the great hotel where guest rooms, restaurant and fine-view bath are designed to be with ocean view you can overlook panoramic sea scenery, and you can enjoy changing over time colors of the sea to your heart’s content♪


We tell more details about Hotel Hamahigajima Resort in another article so please check it also ◎

▼How about enjoying a comfortable stay in Hotel Hamahigajima Resort situated on the island where gods live?♪


▼ Hotel reservations and details are here!



< How to reach Hotel Hamahigajima Resort >

Mapcode 499 521 872*56
Address 〒904-2316





Tripshot Villas Hamahiga



Tripshot Villas Hamahiga situated right after you arrive at Higa village is a 2-story condominium type private villa with only 4 rooms in total.



All rooms are with ocean view and with terrace.

Since there are no supermarkets nearby, the way of enjoying this hotel is buying food ingredients in advance and arrange barbecue on the terrace. And as long as this is a condominium charming point is that you may don’t care about time and enjoy stay like you actually live here ( ´∀`)

Recommended for families or groups♪





< How to reach Tripshot Villas Hamahiga >

Mapcode 499 550 472*28
Address 〒904-2315




Would you like to make a comfortable trip to Hamahiga Island full of power spots?♪

You can enjoy it during one-day trip and we also recommend to luxuriate several days on the island.

Please try to visit this place at least once ^ ^

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