How about enjoying a comfortable stay in Hotel Hamahigajima Resort situated on the island where gods live?♪

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If the place is good to relax slowly it is popular♪

We introduce resort hotel “Hotel Hamahigajima Resort” situated on the island of gods dotted with power spots and with unspoilt landscape of Okinawa!


At first let us write about the access to Hamahiga Island!



You can go towards Hamahiga Island via the Mid-Sea Road that connects 4 remote islands of Uruma city in the central part of Okinawa Island.


Mid-Sea Road is a spot popular as drive course♪

You definitely drove it at least once if you traveled Okinawa many times, didn’t you? ^ ^



If you go along Mid-Sea Road and then cross Hamahiga Bridge from the first Henza Island you will reach Hamahiga Island.


We tell more details about the spots you definitely should visit when you come to Hamahiga Island in another article so please check it also ◎

▼ How about spending a comfortable time on small【Hamahiga Island】hiding great power?



The leading actor this time is Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


If cross the Hamahiga Bridge, turn left at the end and go along the road further at last you will arrive at Hotel Hamahigajima Resort.


Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


This hotel is standing on the elevation on the island and ocean view panorama can be seen from there♪

The total number of rooms is 29 and it is not such a big number but on the other hand staff provides very delicate service and the atmosphere of the hotel is very peaceful ( ´∀`)


▼ Reservations and details are here!



Guest room


▼ Twin room with ocean view

Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


▼ Japanese-Western-style room

Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


As stylish guest rooms inside calm atmosphere there are twin rooms perfect for couples or friends or Japanese-Western-style rooms popular among groups and families as well as another room types.


Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


And yet!

In addition to a room wear on the bed there is a small “Sangwa” (°▽°)


▼ What is Sangwa?

It is an amulet or good luck talisman on Okinawa made of tied Japanese pampas grass and it is put near windows or corners of the house.
When giving meals surplus, kuwachi dish (“delicacy” in Okinawan dialect) as a gift to someone use a package of splittable chopsticks and making the same shape bring it together.


This Sangwa is handmade and produced one by one by the staff of Hotel Hamahigajima Resort to grant good fortune to customers!!!

I am deeply touched by the staff’s hospitality (T-T). And I am impressed.


As a talisman from Hamahiga Island famous as a power spot it gives various profits!





▼ Restaurant “Habina”

Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


Wide panoramic ocean view from the space filled with the feeling of freedom surrounded by large windows!


 Overlooking a beautiful see changing its colors when time passes, you can enjoy dishes cooked of selected ingredients from Okinawa.

The scene outside dazzles your eyes and inadvertently you can forget how the food tastes…

It is a joke but eating dishes watching such superb view is amazing and it brings the taste to the upper level ( ´∀`)


※Western-style menus are not available each Monday and Thursday. Thank you for your understanding.



▼ Comfortable space of “Muruku”

→ This is a dinner menu.

Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


Here is a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh fish, champuru dishes and another local Okinawan cuisine together with awamori♪


※It may be closed due to the reservation condition on that day. Thank you for your understanding.



Fine-view bath


Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


Superb view is here also!

This is a fine-view bath on the 4th floor of the hotel.

Fine-view bath is situated in the preeminent location and in addition to healing yourself from the whole day tiredness you can also spend unusual moments here.


There is no specific period of usage because it is open throughout the year so you definitely should try it during stay ^ ^



< Fine-view bath >

Period of usage Open every day of the year
※It may be not possible to use the fine-view bath due to maintenance. Guest rooms are equipped with showers.
Time of usage 17:00~24:00 / 6:00~9:00



Outdoor pool


Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


Pool is also available outside!

The depth is 12 cm so you can safely use it together with children.


Surrounded by greenery pool is filled with the feeling of openness (^o^)

Moreover, the sea visible below the pool is another great view!


It can be used from late April to the middle of October so maybe we recommend accommodation during this period ☆♪



Murukuhama Beach


Photo by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


Get down the stairs at the hotel side and you can reach this natural untouched beach in 3 minute of walking!


Toilets and showers are installed from Golden Week to October and at the partner marine shop “Aqualine Marine Club” you can enjoy marine activities like snorkeling, banana boat, tours to desert islands and other.
※Closing days are irregular so we recommend to make reservation in advance!


Feel with your body transparent sea water shining brightly under sunlight and nature of Okinawa♪


Moreover, Hamahiga Island becomes a spot with magnificent starry sky.


The port near the hotel and starry sky visible from the beach are really beautiful.

We want you to experience it at least once…


Please enjoy resort stay distant from usual lifestyle on Hamahiga Isalnd where time passes slowly.


▼ Reservations and details are here!



<Hotel Hamahigajima Resort>

Parking area Available, free (70 cars)
Mapcode 499 521 872*56
Address 〒904-2316





\ Introduction of related items /


There are also marine activities that can be enjoyed near the spot with magnificent view “Mid-Sea Road”♪


▼ Reservations and details are here!


We hope this information will be useful when you travel Okinawa!

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