How about spend time of admiring resort stay together?! Natural beach adjusted to a popular resort hotel♪

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Hello everyone on Okinawa Holiday Hackers!

We have introduced various beaches until now so do you have your favorite one?

We hope we can find a beach you will think “I want to go there” about ☆.。 .:*・゜


For this reason,

today we also introduce a beach \(^O^)/


It is right in front of a popular resort hotel!
“Tiger Beach”



Tiger Beach is situated in the resort area on the western coast where you can overlook a superb sunset scene.


Picture is provided by:Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort


Moreover, one of the best five hotels on Okinawa “Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort!” is right in front of you!

The attractiveness of the hotel layout is that all its rooms are with ocean view♪

It is wonderful that you can sea the ocean from room window (。・・。)


Picture is provided by:Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort


Go to Tiger Beach via the entrance of Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort!

Usage of parking means usage of the hotel property so please say that you will use the beach to the front staff♪


If you do not stay in the hotel and only use the beach the parking fee is 2,000 JPY per car (・∀・)

But in case of accommodation the price is 500 JPY per car so maybe it is worth to stay if you want to use the beach!? 🙂


I want to stay. I want to stay. I want to stay. (voice of my heart)


▼ Reservations and details are here!




OK, let’s return to the beach introduction (╹◡╹)



If go towards the beach leaving the hotel behind the first space you see is these palm trees♪

Sea breezy blowing between the trees is pleasant and the sea visible beyond the greenery is too great so for a moment you can feel like time has stopped.


Even for me who was born and raised on Okinawa this scene was impressive, so if you face this place personally it will capture your heart ^^



If pass through palm trees here is the beach.

Swimming area is rather compact and Tiger Beach itself has a cozy impression, but since the beach is connected to a very long shore of Fuchaku Beach it feels like it is very large.



Colorful beach umbrellas and white beach chairs paint the seashore.

If take a look at this scenery I feel like “Yes, this is definitely resort hotel~♪” and personally I feel very exciting!


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Swimming float for kids in the swimming area is called under a nickname “Lucky” and this is a very nice item for children♪

There are 3 ones on the sea surface but all three of them have the same name “Lucky”!


You are lucky if you can ride it!!!

…something like this. 🙂


Small kids climb up and down, it was very popular ^O^



On Okinawa there are quite a lot of people rowing canoes, enjoying banana boats, trying SUP in shallow water and doing another marine activities and I witnessed it fully♪

When you come here you definitely should try marine activities also (^^)



Moreover, when you go to Tiger Beach please drop in Fuchaku Beach nearby♪

When the sun goes down at the beach I also recommend slowly watch at the sky changing its color from orange to violet.


Enjoy both beaches: one with overflowing resort feeling and another with untouched nature!


▼ Take a look at the sea near Fuchaku Beach? ▼



< Details about Tiger beach >

Parking fee Without accommodation: 2,000 JPY per car
In case of stay: 500 JPY per car
※Please pay at the front desk.
Locker (with shower) 300 JPY
Swimming time 9:00~19:00
Mapcode 206 126 058*15
Address 〒904-0413 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村冨着1550-1




\ Introduction of spots near Tiger Beach /


■ Ryukyu Glass Factory


Picture is provided by:Ryukyu Glass Factory


As an item that will revive your memories about travel how about making a cup from Ryukyu glass♪


Picture is provided by:Ryukyu Glass Factory


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“Golden labyrinth” where you can experience of being inside maze is situated on the 2nd floor.




This is a very amazing and exciting labyrinth with all surfaces covered with mirrors. You definitely should try this unusual space ^^

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