I want to tell you who fond of attractiveness of Okinawan sea about this \(^O^)/ Well-known only to those in the know nice natural beach♪

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Hello everyone reading Okinawa Holiday Hackers♪


Sorry for being sudden

but what do you like to do at the sea?^^!?

Snorkeling, marine sports, picking up shells at the shore and then BBQ…

There are many ways to have fun, but you will not be tired even if you just look at the sea which expression changes every day depending on season, time and degree of sunlight!


And this time I introduce a good but not so well-known beach in resort area where you can spend time leisurely!


Fuchaku Beach



Loooooong sandy beach and emerald green sea grants great feelings!!!



If go there I recommend to do it around noon when the sun is overhead! At that time you will be shown the most beautiful sea color during day (^^)



Moreover, despite the fact that there are resort hotels standing in line along the Western coast,

to be honest,


it is not so crowded even in peak season!



And this is the reason.

There are no showers, changing rooms and exclusive parking areas near beach!!! :_(

There is nothing to want while enjoying sea bathing><


Yes, it is really natural beach! ← But I like that I can relax and spend time quietly 🙂



Here is a small space where you can park a car between the shore and residential quarter but only a few cars can be accommodated (:_;)



The opposite site is premises of residents nearby so you can not go there by car (><) The signboard is also put and calls for attention.




And that’s why for persons who want to enjoy sea bathing at Fuchaku Beach maybe I should recommend to use accommodation facilities nearby and enjoy the beach without worrying about time♪


For your reference…

▼ Check the hotels near Fuchaku Beach!




Choosing a hotel is exciting \(^O^)/


If you find an interesting hotel please check the details via the link above♪




When I went to the beach recently there were sunbathing people on the beach, persons who stroll at the water’s edge, families who came for sea bathing and several groups of people who had fun on the beach, but actually the most of them were local people or persons accommodating in the hotels nearby (^^)




The good feature of Fuchaku Beach is that you can enjoy sunset while soaking in the sea!!! You definitely should also see this when you arrive here♪


One of luxurious delight that can be experienced only on Okinawa is that you can spend time on the beach listening to the sound of waves and forgetting about time!!!


Though there are several weak points, but large and quiet beach is definitely highly recommended for people who want to spend time slowly and comfortably! ( ^ω^ )


People who travel Okinawa should take this into consideration choosing a beach 〜♪



< Fuchaku Beach >

Parking area None
Shower / changing room None
Map code 206 127 155*71
Address 〒904-0413 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村冨着


And finally, this♪

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