Natural beach with preeminent transparent water on remote Ikei Island that can be reached by car from Okinawa Island!

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Hello everyone reading Okinawa Holiday Hackers (^^)


This time I introduce natural “Ikei Beach”. This is one more beach located on the same Ikei Island we talked before when I introduced Oodomari Beach.


Welcome to Ikei Beach~



I say this the second time but…

Word “uruma” in “Uruma city” means “island of corals”♪

Yes, this name will not deceive you! Transparency of the sea water is preeminent!!!


▼ So take a look at the sea near Oodomari Beach also? ▼



If proceed via entrance to Ikei Beach a stylish signboard greets you \(^O^)/

Endless blue sky and greenery of trees in addition to sabani with wave pattern create a space filled with southern mood.


~ What is “sabani”? ~

This is the name of fishing boat being used on Okinawa from old times. Nowadays it is being used in Okinawan traditional activity “Hari”.


When you arrive here please be sure to take this photo~!


▼ Take a look at Instagram of another people ▼




Ikei Beach is also know as a place where you can have fun during low tide♪

Even if it ebbs, angular stones do not appear on the water surface so you can swim any time throughout the day.



You can walk on sandy soil of sea bottom barefoot and it is not painful♪



When the sun is overhead sunlight reach the sea bottom and you can see through water. It is so transparent so you can see your feet clearly if look at them through water being in the sea♪



There are a lot of marine activities on Ikei Beach also♪



Ikei Beach has abundance of marine activities and large number of rental goods is gathered♪

So it OK to arrive with empty hands! It is fine to decide how you want to have fun in according to your mood on the spot!!!


It looks like that diving and snorkeling activities are also available, so persons who want to take a look underwater should try! Colorful fishes are waiting for you~♪


Please check the details about activities on the website of Ikei Beach.



Beach cafe



Cafe is also available on the beach so you can enjoy light meals like hamburger, ice cream or something other♪


So if you are tired of swimming you can refresh yourself with kakigori (shaved ice) and just watch at beautiful sea…

Yes, this is happiness ( ・∇・)

Please enjoy this happy feelings that can be experienced only on the beach. 🙂



Signboard showing the direction to the cafe is also stylish♪


Rental tent



BBQ can be arranged on Ikei Beach as well so this place is also popular among local people as a site for beach parties♪ And the reason is that you can also do camping!

Therefore beach usage fee is separated into【Day trip】and【Rest area (camping)】.

So rent a tent and if you pay the price for rest area you can use the beach even after hours ^^


But of course, swimming at night is prohibited, so please take this into consideration.



Camping & rental room (room with air conditioner)




There are accommodation facilities at the Ikei Beach so this is perfectly suitable for families or persons who like to enjoy alcohol drinks! Attractive and unique point of Ikei Beach is that you can book a “cooler room” with air conditioner♪


It seems that you can stay starting from a price of 7,000 JPY per night so how about to try it?


If this is Ikei Beach maybe you can spend time in a new way in addition to swimming in the sea and marine activities ( ^ω^ )


You definitely should try to visit Ikei Beach also♪



Facility usage fee

Available (adults: day trip 400 JPY, rest area 600 JPY)

※Please check the website of Ikei Beach for the children rate and the detailed charge setting

Parking area Available
Shower Available (200 JPY)
Locker / changing room Available
Swimming time 9:00~17:30
Mapcode 499 794 065*28
Address 〒904-2421 沖縄県うるま市与那城伊計405


Please check the website of Ikei Beach for the details about rental items and activities.



\ Please check resort hotels at Ikei Beach at the same time♪/

① AJ Resort Island Ikeijima

Picture is provided by:AJ Resort Island Ikeijima


▼ Reservations and details are here!



② Hotel Hamahigajima Resort

Picture is provided by:Hotel Hamahigajima Resort


▼ Reservations and details are here!



Moreover, there are activities that are being conducted near Ikei Beach!

▼ Reservations and details are here!

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