"Oodomari Beach" situated on remote island Ikei that can be reached by car from Okinawa Island! Untouched nature is still left on this natural beach!

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Hello everyone reading Okinawa Holiday Hackers.

Day by day hot weather becomes even more severe, so how are you these days^^?

Today I will introduce full of attractiveness Okinawa sea again♪


Today I would like to present to your attention a natural beach on Ikei Island in Uruma city in the central part of Okinawa Island.

\ Oodomari Beach /


Word “uruma” in “Uruma city” means “island of corals”♪

And this name will not deceive you. Transparency is preeminent!!!



It seems like time passes slowly on the natural beach with untouched nature (^^)


Oodomari Beach has a sense that differs from artificial beaches♪



The shore length is 600 m and it is wide♪



If take a glance at the picture it may look like shelving bottom, but since this is natural beach it suddenly becomes deep after 3 steps Σ(・□・;)

You need to be very careful about this but since you can see fishes near the sea bottom even if you stand waist-deep, so this is a favorable condition for snorkeling!

If go further to a little deep place large fish can be seen♪


This is the true attractive point of natural beach!!!


The sea view is fascinating and it seems that there are many frequent visitors.

▼ Check posts in Instagram of another people for your reference!



It is possible to rent snorkel, life jacket, swimming ring, beach umbrella and another items. Lifeguard is also onsite so the environment promotes enjoying the ocean like on artificial beach. Don’t worry and enjoy the sea!



But even if don’t enter the sea it is also fun to leisurely overlook the shore under shade of a tree!!!


Father gamboling together with children, a woman trying to take a picture with utmost effort, group of friends with beer in their hands and a person relishing barbecue. Everyone spends time just they like♪



Also Oodomari Beach is know as a place where you can swim together with pets♪ Recommended for people who want to spend great time together with cute pets!

Please inform the reception about this, follow rules and have fun♪


This location is also perfect in evening!!!


On the day when air is clean you can see sky dotted with stars!



Starry sky visible from the shore is something special. Lie down comfortable and yes, I feel like a main character of this world 🙂

Moreover in a full moon night water surface is lit by moonlight and the atmosphere is very nice. Unlike the daytime you can see romantic sea scenery.

A possibility to sea starry sky and romantic sea is a feature of a remote island♪


< Oodomari Beach >

Admission fee

Elementary school students and younger 300 JPY / Middle school students and older 500 JPY (shower and parking fee included)

Shower / toilet Available
Locker None
Mapcode 499 794 665*28
Address 〒904-2421 沖縄県うるま市与那城伊計1012
Notes Regarding rental articles, barbecue, camping and another details please check the page of Oodomari Beach for the details.


\ And more /

It is also fun to go to Oodomari Beach!


Mid-Sea Road that you will definitely pass while moving to Oodomari beach is a popular driving course!


What is Mid-Sea Road? This is a road that connects 4 remote island of Uruma city and has length of 4.7 km.



“The name is Mid-Sea Road but it doesn’t situated underwater…”

Maybe you may hear such words, but leave them as it for now 🙂



Refreshing feeling of driving a car and watching emerald blue scene! Open a window fully and you will want to scream because of excitement!

Please feel the sensation of Okinawa and the road to the Oodomari Beach♪


Since this is a long-awaited trip, how about to stay?


Accommodation facilities are also available on Ikei Island where Oodomari Beach is located!

Though it can be easily accessed by car it is still remote island.

And since you put much effort into this trip maybe it is nice to spend 1 night and 2 days in a resort hotel where you can fully enjoy pastime on the island♪


“AJ Resort Island Ikeijima”

Picture is provided by:AJ Resort Island Ikeijima


Picture is provided by:AJ Resort Island Ikeijima


Picture is provided by:AJ Resort Island Ikeijima


Relaxing time of feeling calm atmosphere of the island, soaking into a bath connected to natural hot spring with good view and watching the sea.

You will definitely could spend a special time without being worried by another people♪


▼ Hotel reservations and details about rooms is here!

One Two Smile HOTEL

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