Resort × nature are waiting for you♪ "Zanpa Beach" close to the distinguished picturesque place of Japan "Cape Zanpa"!

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Hello everyone reading Okinawa Holiday Hackers♪


Today I introduce great beach on Okinawa again!

So here is famous in Yomitan Village (central part of Okinawa Island in Okinawa prefecture) and spreading out on the Western side of outstanding scenic spot in Japan “Cape Zanpa”


Zanpa Beach



The entrance is like this♪

The landmark is a “Zanpa Beach” sign.



Hibiscus with vivid colors and marine blue color sea greet you♪

“True Okinawa” scenery is right in front of you (^^)



Hala trees at the shore is a trademark of Zanpa Beach♪




Natural beach surrounded by coral reefs is shallow, with highly transparent water and calm waves.



Reefs are also located in offing and when the tide is low they come to the surface and you can see angular forms. Also you can see small fishes that made this place their home♪


▼ Check the scene of Zanpa Beach in Instagram for your reference




On the way to the entrance of Zanpa Beach there are resort hotels, and I have an impression that the beach is often being used by people staying in the hotels. Here and there families and students that look like local people ^^*

Swimming area is not so large, but beach is very crowded by people♪



Reasons why people are gathering on Zanpa Beach. Reason ①


Abundance of variations of marine activities



It seems that there are people who arrived to Zanpa Beach with a purpose to do marine activities♪


And moreover, umichu is a guide on glass-bottom boat where you can see underwater scene!!!

Who is “umichu”? Umichu is a fisherman or a person related to sea!


You definitely should enjoy marine activities also when you arrive on Zanpa Beach.


Reasons why people are gathering on Zanpa Beach. Reason ②


\ Famous sunset spot /



At sunset time people suddenly appear out of nowhere.

In a few minutes before sun sets over the horizon, everybody starting from recently talking persons, amazed people keeping saying “Beautiful!” and “Great!” becomes silent and the beach turns into a mystical place.

Everyone is impressed by the view right in front of their eyes ^^


The distance from parking area to the beach is close so it is recommended to visit this place even only to see sunset♪


Admission fee なし
Parking area Available (free parking area is available near the beach)
Shower Available (200 JPY)
Locker / changing room Available (200 JPY)
Swimming time 8:30 ~ 18:00

 (9:00 ~ 17:00 in a period from November 1 to March 31)

Mapcode 100 565 6694*43

※You can use the map code to set destination point in your car navigation system. (It is possible only if map codes are supported)

Address 〒904-0328





Reasons why people are gathering on Zanpa Beach. Reason ③


Large number of resort hotels, interactive facilities

and another places to stay!


< Royal Hotel Okinawa Zanpamisaki >


Picture is provided by:Royal Hotel Okinawa Zanpamisaki


Picture is provided by:Royal Hotel Okinawa Zanpamisaki


This hotel is situated right close to Zanpa beach.

Outdoor pool as well as large communal bath are available so it is popular among guests arriving with families♪


▼ Reservations and details are here!




< Murasaki Mura Ryukyu Kingdom Theme Park >



You can experience a traditional Okinawan karate!


Here is the moment when Okinawa Holiday Hackers tried it♪




< Cape Zanpa・Cape Zanpa Lighthouse >



“Cape Zanpa” is also known as famous in Japan spot of scenic beauty. This cape protrudes from the western side of Yomitan Village.

The scene of raging waves bumping into the cliff with great force is powerful!

If you visit Zanpa Beach you definitely should drop in here♪

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