How you can double your fun at a popular tourist spot, the 'Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium' ♪

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Have you ever been to the popular tourist spot, the ‘Churaumi Aquarium’!?

If you are a couple in Okinawa then you absolutely have to go at least once ♪


Wow, the park saw its 20th anniversary on November 1st, 2022! (。・ω・ノノ゙ パチパチパチパチ


We will now show you how you can enjoy yourselves at Churaumi Aquarium as well as introduce the large variety of ‘programs’ they have on offer ♪

Make sure to check out what they have before you go so that you can fully enjoy yourselves at Churaumi Aquarium (*^ー^*)



The entrance is a great place to take some pictures



A giant whale shark monument welcomes everyone at Churaumi Aquarium’s entrance!

Try taking a photo with the blue sky as your background, or you can even take one in front of the blue ‘Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium’ sign which can be seen in the left side of the picture. Everyone should make sure to try and take some photos here ♪


▼You can see everyone’s posts and pictures with Instagram!



Uminchu Gate (Fisherman’s Gate)



Once you pass by the whale shark monument,

what will greet you isa glittering emerald green ocean\(^o^)/



From the spacious grounds of Uminchu Gate you can get a superb view of the coral reef ocean from an elevated position!


You can even get a view of the distant isolated island ‘Iejima’. Your Churaumi adventure begins with this heart fluttering scenery ( ´ ▽ ` )



The Kuroshio Sea



This is where the real Churaumi Aquarium begins!

One of the world’s largest fish tanks ‘The Kuroshio Sea’


What is the Kuroshio Sea…

The Kuroshio Current is the largest ocean current found near Japan, its warm temperature allows for a rich ecosystem to exist.

(Taken from the Churaumi Aquarium official website)


This large fish tank, which is a reproduction of the Kuroshio Current, is 35m wide, 27m long, and 10m deep. Roughly 10,000 sea creatures made up of about 70 different species all live together in it ( ´∀`)



And of course, there are the creatures in the Kuroshio Sea that are quite popular!

The whale sharks and manta rays ♪


The largest whale shark, ‘Jinta’, is 8.7m long and weighs 5.5t. (*As of January 2017)

As a fellow ray, the Reef Manta Ray is one of the largest of its species at over 2m long (°▽°)


That’s quite the collection of big game (haha)

Its figure as it calmly swims about is simply wonderful.



Manta rays will sometimes point and show their bellies at the guests, but a manta ray’s special feature is actually on its belly!The number and shape of the black spots on a manta ray’s belly will be different for every ray (^O^)


When you come and visit, try to tell the four manta rays apart by carefully observing their bellies!



Five times a day, you can watch an explanation of the fish tank with videos and pictures in front of the large ‘Kuroshio Sea’ tank.


You can get the full impact just by watching the tank, but you can have even more fun by watching the tank while listening to the explanations!!


We also recommend that you go when the creatures are given their meals!

From 9:30am, the manta rays will do a somersault, and open their mouths wide open while they eat their food.

From 3:00pm and 5:00pm you can watch the whale sharks have their lively meals!

Bothare very precious scenes to watch (°ー°)♡

Make sure you don’t miss the feeding times ♪


<‘Kuroshio Sea’ program summary>

9:30 Introduction to the reef manta ray feeding scene
11:30 Introduction to the ‘Kuroshio Sea’ with explanations and videos
13:30 Explanation of the ‘Kuroshio Sea’ and underwater camera footage by means of divers
15:00 / 17:00(Twice a day) Introduction to the whale sharks feeding scenes

*Depending on the conditions of the sea creatures, the program may be subject to change or cancellation without notice




You can also view the large ‘Kuroshio Sea’ tank from overhead. When our editorial department first went we had no idea that such an experience was available… (We should have looked closer at the pamphlet! Haha)


Seeing the whale sharks and migratory fish from a different angle was really exciting.


Even here explanations are given by the staff, so make sure that you check the viewing times so that you can enjoy the Kuroshio Sea to its absolute 120%!



Viewing times

8:30am – 11:00am (Last admissions 10:45am)

5:30pm – closing (Last admissions 15 minutes before closing)

Tank Explanation 9:30 / 10:00 / 10:30 / 18:00 / 18:30* / 19:00*

(*March – September only)



Oki-chan Theater
Enjoy the ‘Dolphin Show’!



If you’re visiting the Churaumi Aquarium then you can’t miss out on this!

The ‘Oki-chan Theater’ which is on the same premises \(^o^)/


You can watch the free dolphin show which is held four times a day ♪



At the Oki-chan Theater, a fun show is performed against a blue ocean backdrop by the Ocean Expo Park’s idol, Oki-chan the dolphin, and her friends.


On the trainer’s signals, they will jump, sing songs, and showcase a variety of performances ♪



Those sitting in the front should be prepared to get wet (haha)


By the way, Oki-chan is a super veteran who has been performing for 40 years!

Making children happy is her forte ♪


Everyone should definitely see the dynamic, but cute, dolphin show ( ´ ▽ ` )



Start Times 10:30 / 11:30 / 13:00 / 15:00 /17:00
Time Required 20 minutes




In addition, you can observe the water in the Oki-chan Theater pool, and a diver’s show will be held to introduce you to things like the special abilities that dolphins have.

“I don’t want to just watch the dolphin show, I want to know more and more about dolphins!” If that sounds like you then you will definitely want to check this out ^ ^


Diver’s Show Program

Start Times 11:50 / 1:50 / 3:30
Required Time 15 minutes



Dolphin Lagoon



Right next to the Oki-chan Theater is the ‘Dolphin Lagoon.’ Here you can not only view dolphins up close, but you can also feed them for only one coin ♪

You need to check out this experience too!


<Dolphin Feeding Experience Program>

Fee ¥500
Start Times 10:00~12:00(No numbered ticket distribution)

1:00~1:20(No numbered ticket distribution)

1:45~2:15(Numbered ticket distribution 1:20~1:45)

3:15~3:45(Numbered ticket distribution 2:45~3:15)

*Acceptance to the event will finish once capacity has been reached, even if it is still within the distribution time.

*Depending on the conditions of the sea creatures, the program may be subject to change or cancellation without notice.



For a great Okinawa experience, we experts think that you should enjoy some of the other facilities, such as the Oki-chan Theater, as well as the aquarium ♪

There are plenty of other fun programs on offer, so make sure that you check them out.



<Churaumi Aquarium Basic Information>

Business Hours October〜February  8:30am〜6:30pm(Entry cutoff 5:30pm)

March〜September  8:30am〜8:00pm(Entry cutoff 7:00pm)

Admission Fees(Normal Hours) Adults         ¥2,180

Older Children(High-School Students)  ¥1,440

Children(Elementary and Middle-School Students)¥610

Under six year olds     Free

Admission Fees

(From 4pm)

Adults        ¥1,510

Older Children(High-School Students)   ¥1,000

Children(Elementary and Middle-School Students) ¥490

Under six year olds      Free

Closed Days December’s first Wednesday and the day after that
Parking Available・Free
Map Code 553 075 737*8
Address 424 Ishikawa,Motobu,Kunigami District,Okinawa 905-0206
Note Churaumi Aquarium Official Website


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