We want to eat this! Selection of 5 Okinawan soul food and local gourmet restaurants by editorial staff♪

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Born and raised on Okinawa editorial staff judging on our individual own sense of taste introduces 5 local gourmet spots & soul food restaurants we think you should try to visit!


Okinawa lover visited Okinawa many times of course eat all of these(^o^)!?


Since local people say that it is tasty let’s check at first 〜 _φ(・_・

So please consider this kind of perception♪♪ 


Recommendation ①
Taco rice from King Tacos



Speaking of Okinawan food what is it? If you familiar with this you will tell taco rice!

… but there is no tako (which means “octopus” in Japanese) in it though (゚∀゚)! 🙂


Frankly speaking, taco rice is

a “rice version” of Mexican meal “tako”.


There are many taco rice restaurants on Okinawa, but “kintako” (which is told to be a shortening of “King Tacos” who is an inventor of it) is always available.


The volume is not necessary to be mentioned, and you will be excited by the taste that can not be reproduced at home (at least I could not… ;_; )!


▼ Taco rice with cheese and cheese and vegetables (700 JPY)


Spice taco meat, thick sauce and crunchy lettuce. It is already very tasty with only this, but it is more delicious if eat with taco sauce poured on it ( ̄^ ̄)!


Taco sauce is completely different from salsa sauce, this is a pasty sauce with pungent hot taste and sweet and thick flavor.

If just pour taco sauce the deliciousness of taco rice increases several times!

Add a lot of sauce if you like hot taste♪



\ Remember this if you go to eat kintaco /


King tacos rice is served in exchange for meal coupons.

There are no photos or explanations of dishes written about various menu options and only dish titles are available so may be it is worth to check the contents of menu before visit!


▼ So here is a simple summary.

Taco rice Rice, taco meat
Taco rice with cheese Rice, taco meat, cheese
Taco rice with cheese and vegetables Rice, taco meat, cheese, vegetables, tomato

※I introduce it basing on the picture in the beginning of this article♪


You also should try kintako taco rice once more ^ ^



< General information about King Tacos Kin Honten store>

Parking area Available
Business hours 10:30 ~ 24:00 (eating inside the store is until 22:30)
Closing days None
Mapcode 206 110 751*68
Address 〒904-1201沖縄県国頭郡金武町字金武4244-4

Another branches ▼ Click on each link and Google Map will open.



Mapcode:334 385 25*65




Mapcode:333 460 16*1




Mapcode:335 316 12*38




Mapcode:336 238 32*14




Mapcode:337 476 24*68

沖縄県うるま市みどり町4丁目20-1 ロイヤルマンション具志川



Mapcode:499 543 884*83




Recommendation ②
Steak from Big Heart



The second one is steak!

Everyone, do you know a steak house Big Heart?


There are many considered well-known steak houses in the southern area of Okinawa Island mainly in Naha

but Big Heart has 4 stores in the central area and 1 store in Naha, so it is kind of steak house not for tourists but beloved by local people! ☆

And therefore it is almost nothing written about it in travel magazines!


Steaks from Big Heart are soft and juicy ー(*´-`)

The store’s original garlic sauce brings deliciousness to the next level!


▼ Diced steak 180 g (1,200 JPY)


Steak is being served as a set and salad, soup, rice and drink are included.

Regarding rice, you can choose white rice or garlic rice, and once again – the garlic rice has great taste!!!

It can be eaten greedily as it is without meat 🙂

I want you to choose this if you like the taste of garlic!


Since you can choose the amount of meat, please enjoy the quantity you need to become full~ (╹◡╹)



< General information about Big Heart Misatoten store >

Parking area Available
Business hours 11:00~24:00
Closing days Sunday
Mapcode 336 530 78*3
Address 〒904-2155 沖縄県沖縄市美原2丁目6-2
Another branches ▼ Click on each link and Google Map will open.



Mapcode:337 477 11*80




Mapcode:335 357 82*68




Mapcode:331 971 24*51

沖縄県中頭郡西原町小那覇639 2F



Mapcode:331 886 85*76

沖縄県那覇市おもろまち4-8-9 FACEビル3F



Recommendation ③
Sata andagi being sold in Road Station Kyoda


▼ Sata andagi (90 JPY per bun)


The third one is sata andagi (deep-fried sweet bun) in Road Station Kyoda!

Road Station Kyoda is popular as a place to drop in during driving and there are many tasty meals here♪


Fresh cooked sata andagi made here are crunchy outside but soft inside. With proper sweetness and light texture the taste is good so you can eat it even if you are not hungry (T-T)


Sata andagi are fried in low temperature oil carefully because heat of fire can not enter the central part of that buns. So them become a bit greasy when time passes, but sata andagi from Road Station Kyoda are different!

They do not become oily even if time passes!


If you have never eaten it please try just friend sata andagi from Road Station Kyoda♪



< General information about Road Station Kyoda >

Parking area Available
Business hours 8:30~19:00
Closing days Open every day of the year
Map code 206 476 706*65
Address 〒905-0024 沖縄県名護市許田17-1

Another branches ▼ Click on each link and Google Map will open.


<おんなの駅 なかゆくい市場>

Map code:206 035 768*46




Recommendation ④
Tempura from Ojima Island



The forth thing is Okinawa tempura with proper batter!

Among numerous tempura restaurants we editorial staff recommend tempura from “Nakamoto Sengyo Tempura Shop” on Oojima Island not so far from the southern part of Okinawa Island.


Each time we come here we see a line in front of this popular store ( ´∀`)!

Mainly takeout service is provided but you can also eat in a tiny space near the store♪


Tempura from Nakamoto Sengyo Tempura Shop is tasty even if cool down a little, and anyway there are abundance of tempura kinds!

Starting from such classic ones like squid or fish, you can also try tempura from Okinawan ingredients as sea lettuce or taro, and favorite menus among children with springy potato are also available♪




Please drop in to Oojima Island to try tempura when you travel southern area of Okinawa Island~!



< General information about Nakamoto Sengyo Tempura Shop >

Mapcode 232 467 296*60
Address 〒901-0614 沖縄県南城市玉城奥武9

Notes Please check business hours and closing days on the official page of Nakamoto Sengyo Tempura Shop.




Recommendation ⑤
Okinawa soba “Miyazato Soba”



And the 5th one is Okinawa soba!

The food I want to recommend the most is soki soba (noodles with stewed pork spare ribs) restaurant “Miyazato Soba” located in Nago city well-known as a highly competitive marketplace of Okinawa soba!


Nothing more is necessary.

It is perfect for persons who want to try old-style Okinawa soba!


Simple soup includes bonito stock properly, big pieces of salty-sweet soki meat has strong taste and strait noodles are soaked in bonito stock.

This is a one bowl of constant deliciousness and surpassing feeling of relive wherever you go here!

It is so tasty so you will drink the soup until the last drip♪


And more!!!

Miyazato Soba menu also has magnificent toasts and this is the only soba restaurant with toasts!


Yes, “toast” is a bread with butter put on it !

Crunchy toasts with flavor of butter is the perfect thing when you want one more dish if eating only Okinawa soba is not enough!

“What? Does it match?” If you think like this and feel deceived just try it♪



< General information about Miyazato Soba >

Parking area Available
Business hours 10:00~20:00
Address Wednesday
Mapcode 206 626 711*30
Address 〒905-0011 沖縄県名護市宮里1丁目27-2



How was it?

We hope this information will be useful when you travel Okinawa!

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