Available soba only in Ginoza Village! What is Okinawa soba noodles with giant ○○○ served on the top?!

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As an editorial staff of Okinawa Holiday Hackers I have prepared a report the first time!

I am of mixed parentage, my parents are from Tokyo and Okinawa, and I was raised and educated on Okinawa so… I am a university student who loves Okinawa very much! Of course, I choose Okinawan food in the university dining hall!


Therefore here is the store I am introducing today~!



Okinawa soba specialty store “Ajima” in Ginoza Village!




Must-see for persons who want to eat Okinawa soba and don’t miss a chance to take pictures!


Speaking of Okinawa soul food it is… exactly!!!

It is definitely Okinawa soba!!!


Don’t you think that many people who come to Okinawa as tourists try Okinawa soba first?!


Here in “Ajima” an unusual Okinawa soba with giant ○○○ served on the top is being offered…!


The store name “Ajima ” means “intersection, crossing” in Okinawa dialect.

The store itself is located on the corner of Ginoza By-pass and large signboard at the intersection is the landmark!


→ “Ajima” can be slightly seen on the left side deep on the photo.


If take a glance from the outside it has nostalgic look of wooden building but the interior is cute with pink walls~.
Since the walls are screen doors, wind comes inside and listening to sound of cicadas you can feel the summer!


→ I very like the area near the menu with big electric fan in front of it.


The Okinawa soba with giant ○○○ served on the top needs about 30 minutes to be cooked so make an order first as soon as you get here!

And since this menu is served only from 11:00 to 14:00 we recommend you to come here having spare time!!!


▼ The interesting menu is here! It is also written in English!


→ The menu is to the left, and hot message from the store is to the right.



Waiting and watching information magazines and pamphlets in the store and…



it is here!!!



Famous soba tempura of “Ajima”!!! (Here it is!!!)




So the true identity of giant ○○○ is

large 30 cm “Vegetable tempura”!!!


This is a crispy vegetable tempura with carrot, onion, sea cabbage with beefsteak plant and another ingredients.
(mixed vegetable and seafood tempura “kakiage” is called “vegetable tempura” on Okinawa ^ ^)


You will definitely want to take picture of this as soon as possible~!


This is large even in comparison with my face which is not small! (accidentally Hyokkori Han)




Together with another menus, let’s eat~!


This time in addition to soba tempura we also ordered soba with 3 slices of meat (left top on the photo), Ajima soba with 3 kinds of meat (center top of the photo), soki soba with gristle (right top on the photo)!


→ Big collection of Okinawa soba~♪♪♪


Yeah, it looks tasty~!



→ Kuwacchisabira! (This phrase on Okinawan dialect is spoken before meals)


Though we use word “soba” speaking of Okinawa soba, no buckwheat flour (soba flour) is being used to produce noodles so noodles are made of wheat floor.
Usually the noodles are thick and have specific elastic texture!


You can enjoy various way of enjoying eating vegetable tempura included in soba tempura like eating it as it is, eating it with Okinawa-style sauce or dipping the tempura in the soba soup!
Crispy texture was very tasty ^ ^




The price you concerned of is also attractive.



Stewed pork spare ribs is also under big vegetable tempura!

Surprising price of only 600 JPY for such volume.

Maybe it is good to order various types and share them if you come with many people♪


In “Ajima” you can order any menu for 600 JPY or lower price and therefore it is even more attractive.


Moreover, this zenzai (red bean soup) is also a masterpiece…
Okinawa zenzai is usually cold with ice in it.
It is perfect for cooling down your body after hot Okinawa soba~♪
This time I ate too much so I think I will try it next time!


Kuwachisabitan! (It means “thank you for the meal” in Okinawan dialect)



You definitely should visit this place when you come to Ginoza Village. What do you think? ^ ^


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<Okinawa soba Ajima>

Officehour 11:00~17:00

Regular off day:Every Tuesday

Parking lot Yes・No charge(4 cars)
Mapcode 206 299 071*73
Address 〒904-0301





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