You can meet with a lot of colorful fishes in "Bisezaki"♪ Must-check if you like snorkeling!

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September is breaking in~!

Hey guys, did you enjoy summer vacations ^^?


Even summer is over it is still continuing on Okinawa!


This time we introduce this place gathering attention as snorkeling spot and located close to popular sightseeing sites like Churaumi Aquarium and Bise fukugi trees valley!






It is also crowded with people on weekends (╹◡╹)



If take a look at feet there are a lot of lively tropical fishes!

Only in Bisezaki you can see them at such close distance. It is possible to have a lot of fun even without snorkeling so I want you to drop in here also♪


And therefore

to enjoy Bisezaki the most without any permission I will secretly give you instructions!!!



Let’s go after low tide!



At high tide sea approaches the shore and it is recommended to go at low tide (^^)



When the tide comes out it becomes shallow and easy to swim even for kids♪

In according to specialists the best time is 2 hours around low tide.



Also the spot between a rocky area in front of and distant small island is the most popular.

“They are here also!” (a boy)

“So many of them so I can become tired of looking at it” (mother)

So number of tropical fishes are really large so you can hear such sumptuous conversations.

Sometime the current stream becomes fast so please be careful and have fun♪



Water shoes are necessary!



This area is mostly covered by rocks so I recommend bring water shoes as a necessary item and go!

And this is still a possibility of getting scratches being totally absorbed into snorkeling so maybe it is better to enjoy the activity wearing rashie or long sports wear. Almost all people arriving here looks like this(╹◡╹)


Let’s be careful about providing own safety♪



Let’s look at reef lagoon spreading out near Motobu Peninsula!



At the parking area here is a narrow path to the sea and you can overlook reef lagoon near Motobu Peninsula.



It is called “ino” in Japanese and means “shallow sea surrounded by coral reef”.


If look far away at the sea during low tide the reef is endlessly continuing and you can witness how white with foam sea rapidly turns into deep blue. In Bisezaki you can actually sea how reef lagoon is spreading out (^^)



When you come here you definitely should visit this place and enjoy Bisezaki♪


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By the way!!!
Let’s enjoy fukugi trees valley also!



“Fukugi trees valley in Bise” is situated in windbreak forest near Bisezaki and you can feel the unspoilt landscape of Okinawa. You can stroll or cycle and gentle wind blowing through windbreak forest heals people coming here.

Please drop in here♪


\ There are also privileges to enjoy fukugi trees valley /






Since it is difficult to move inside Bise fukugi trees valley by car cycling is the necessary way to fully enjoy it♪

Then we prepare a plan to spend time slowly with mango kakigori (shaved ice).


▼ Reservations and details are here!



“Tabi no Cafe Bisestyle” is situated deep inside Bise fukuki trees valley.

Any menu of this cafe is delicious so please try the taste feeling negative ions of fukugi trees ^ ^


Fuzuki Ishii from Hackers has already checked it so please read this article to know the details about meals here♪


▼ Reservations and details are here!






< Bisezaki >

Parking area Available (500 JPY)
Shower / toilet Available
Mapcode 553 135 565*54
Address 〒905-0207 沖縄県国頭郡本部町字備瀬


Please check this as well _φ(^_^


In the area of Motobu Peninsula where Bisezaki is situated there are many various accommodation facilities of different styles from resort hotels to condominiums♪

Maybe you will see a hotel that will match your travel budget (^O^)ノ



▼Please search via One Two Smile HOTEL♪

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