The beach chosen as "Japan Best 100 Sites for Sea Bathing" by Ministry of the Environment is here! Emerald Beach♪

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Speaking of summer leisure it is…

\ Sea bathing /


Shower and toilets are available, sea is beautiful, parking is free…

And many other, so when you are searching for a place for swimming in the ocean isn’t it an interesting place, is it?

I like it! 🙂


Today I introduce a beach that satisfies all these requests♪


5 minute walk from Churaumi Aquarium!
“Emerald Beach”



This beach is located close to the representative sightseeing spot of Okinawa “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” in Ocean Expo Park♪



Coral sand seashore and shallow and highly transparent sea♪

It is the best location and I feel more exciting!


Actually, Emerald Beach has a certificate from the Ministry of the Environment for various outstanding parameters including water quality, natural landscape, safety, convenience and other♪

This is one of the “Japan Best 100 Sites for Sea Bathing” recommended by the Ministry of the Environment \(^O^)/




It is told that about 3,000 people can swim here, it is large and good-looking!

The beach is separated into 3 sections so you can enjoy emerald sea in various ways♪


Asobi no Hama (“Beach of play”)



The largest number of people gathers on the Asobi no Hama.

Many people including local middle school and high school students, traveling young couples and families, foreigners and many other people from young to senior persons enjoy swimming in the sea♪



Swimming zone in shallow sea area is determined properly so waves are calm. Apparently jellyfish intrusion preventive net is also installed so it is safe♪


Moreover, there are almost no big stones on the coral sand seashore and since it is not painful it really helps! 🙂



Snorkeling is not allowed in the beach (;_;)

But goggles or swimming rings were OK ◎

Moreover, several small floating islands are available so some people get on them and rest♪

Climb an island with joined hands and then release hands and fall in the sea. Such simple actions was actually really fun! 🙂


Lifeguard is not only on the beach but also near the edge of swimming area so they protect swimming people both on the beach and on the water surface. And therefore I can swim without worries ( ^ω^ )


Ikoi no Hama (“Beach of rest”)



Ikoi no Hama has smaller swimming area in comparison to Asobi no Hama.

And because of that there are no people here and this is a bit quiet place♪

Maybe I can recommend it for persons who want to talk while soaking in the sea and enjoy pastime without hurry!


Nagame no Hama (“Beach of view”)



Nagame no Hama is the best spot for photographing♪

Beyond the gradations of blue you can see remote island Ie that can be reached by car from Okinawa Island in 30 minutes. You can even see a windmill on the island with the naked eye! Island shape is clearly visible.


 By the way, the protrusion in the middle is the island symbol “Iejima Tatchuu” (Mount Gusuku) (^^)


▼ Check the look of the island in Instagram



Emerald Beach is also a popular as a sunset spot!!!

When you come here please be sure to watch a scene when the sea surface is being painted in orange colors by setting sun♪



Emerald Beach has many facilities also♪



Since rest area with a roof can be used for free by anyone it is very pleasant feature♪ You can rent beach umbrella and chair, and there were people who brought and set up beach tents! Since this beach is wide with a lot of space you can spend time in relaxation.



In addition to shower and lockers available on the beach, there are also shops and cafes♪ Kakigori (shaved ice), ice cream and another items are on sale in the cafes so please cool down your burning body ^^


Swimming in the sea,

gamboling on the beach,

watching sunset,

satisfying your appetite when you are hungry,

so without a doubt you can enjoy unimpeachable sea bathing!!!


So how about to enjoy thoroughly swimming in the sea this summer?♪


Admission fee


Parking area Available (parking area of Ocean Expo Park or paid parking nearby)
Shower / changing room Available
Locker Available (100 JPY)
Swimming time 8:30 ~ 19:00 (from 8:30 to 17:30 from October 1 to 31)
Map code 553 105 316*13
Address 〒905-0206 沖縄県国頭郡本部町字石川424番地

Notes Regarding rental articles, please check the page of Ocean Expo Park Emeral Beach for the details.



 \ Treasured place /
Emerald Beach surroundings


Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa


Picture is provided by: Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa


Picture is provided by: Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa


Emerald green sea is spreading out in front you♪

Wake up with the peaceful sound of wave in morning, enjoy beach or Churaumi Aquarium in noon and watch superb sunset scenery in evening. If you decide to stay here you can enjoy all this luxury♪


▼ Hotel reservations and details about rooms is here!




Ryugujo butterfly garden




About 3 minutes by car from Churaumi Aquarium!

The theme park consists of a restaurant with panoramic sea view, a souvenir store and the butterfly garden where you can touch one of the largest in Japan large tree nymph butterfly.



What kind of place is butterfly garden???

▼ If you are interested please check an article by Fuzuki Ishii about her experience(╹◡╹)♡

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