Photography lovers, are you prepared? Every shot becomes a picture wherever you take it♪ Natural beach "beach51" in Onna Village

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Okinawa is on the summer peak♪

Brightly shining sea under summer sunlight is the greatest fascinating feature of Okinawa!!!

Do you have your favorite beach on Okinawa?


This time Okinawa Holiday Hackers introduce a favorite natural beach “beach51” located close to Cape Maeda in Onna Village in the central area of Okinawa Island ^^*


There are several places for photographing for posting pictures in Instagram. And since this is a popular area you need to check another persons who are looking for attractive spots!


OK, no more waiting.



This is the beach entrance♪

True Okinawa scenery with thatch screwpine and another southern greenery growing densely near steps and blue sea beyond greets you.



If go down the steps you will sea white shore and emerald green sea right in front of you!

On that day there were people who took pictures with the beach as a background♪

The picture with white sandy beach on sunny day becomes a brightly colored and extremely beautiful work♪ (You will definitely understand it if you like photographing! 🙂



The sea lit by sunlight has the preeminent water transparency! You even can see shells on the sea bottom.

People enjoying snorkeling and SUP were here and there ( ^ω^ )



Rocky area at the beach is a heeling area due to the shade it produces. Take a break listening to pleasant sound of waves and feeling refreshing wind.



One of the big reasons why “beach51” enchants visitors
This is…



A large hole in the corner of a rock.

It really looks like a big “window” created by nature.


The size is like this↓↓↓



Two adults can have a seat here♪


From this window created by nature you can see blue gradations of the sea and cloudless blue sky.

Photographing here means taking picture against the sun a bit but it has style◎


You can often see it in Instagram ^^


And another big reason why “beach51” enchants visitors is here!



The scenery from a hill right near to the beach♪

This is a must-see photographing point \(^O^)/



Gradations of sea below is amazingly beautiful♪ You can also see swimming fish.


Not only daytime, but sunset view in evening is also superb so we recommend to come here again in another time of the day!


Even among multiple beaches on Okinawa in this place you can watch various scenes of the sea and after all there are a lot of spots for photographing♪ Filled with highlights “beach51” will definitely become your favorite place!

Please try to visit this spot at least once.


Shower / changing room None
Toilet None
Parking area None (Paid parking area is available at Cape Maeda nearby)
Map code 206 062 398*41
Address 〒904-0417


Notes Since this beach is not being supervised, there are no watchmen or life guards. Please be very careful during swimming. Regarding the hill announced above, in rainy day footing becomes bad so we recommend to go there on sunny day. Also we recommend to refuse from visiting this place for persons with children or persons with weak legs. As it was mentioned before there are a lot of magnificent spots to enjoy on “beach51”, not only the hill! Please keep another rules and spend happy time during Okinawa travel♪





\ Do you mind as well to take underwater photos in the sea? /




In the “Blue Caves” near “beach51” popular for possibility of interactive diving you can dive into the sea and take pictures underwater!

Moreover, you can also give feed to colorful fishes♪


If you think that it is a waste of time if you can only watch, how about enjoying interactive diving in the sea of Okinawa?( ^ω^ )



Member of “Okinawa Holiday Hackers” Fiona Ishii actually experienced it♪

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