I challenged it without any diving experience!【SEALOVERS Okinawa】recommends popular diving spot on Okinawa "Blue caves"

The average temperature on Okinawa in July in 28.9℃! And the average temperature of water is 29℃!

The season for extreme enjoyment of marine activities this year has come~!!!

This is Ishii from Okinawa Holiday Hackers(╹◡╹)


Speaking of marine activities on Okinawa, there are a lot of them like glass-bottom boat, snorkeling, kayaking and many others, but after all it is said the diving is the best marine activity to try sea of Okinawa, do you think that?


And therefore this time

I challenged a popular diving spot “The Blue Caves” the first in my life!




But, the image of diving is scary, you know…


For me with “indoor” character and beginner in diving it was not like “I don’t worry at all☆”.


Are any sharks there?!?! Is the instructor a decent person!?!?!? The instructor will not disappear suddenly, right?!?!?! Is it possible that oxygen tank detaches?!?!?! What to do if oxygen is over in the process!?!?!?

And very many other worries (of less level).




If go diving in the Blue Caves

it is better to make reservation in 【SEALOVERS Okinawa】 who can be trusted and have achievements!


So… why?


  1. Boat will come to the spot right in front of the caves. Sailing time is about 5 minutes.

    → If you do not like ships or bad at swimming, beginners and children (10 years old and older) should not worry!

  2. It has more than 20 years of experience in providing services without accidents acknowledged by Okinawa Prefecture Public Safety Commission.

    → There were no cases like oxygen tank being detached or oxygen is over during diving.

  3. All instructors are divers passed national certification.

    → Instructor will not disappear suddenly.

  4. Hot water and a coat for protection against the cold are available on the boat so it is possible to make reservation in winter.

  5. After diving, shower with hot water (individual shower room) is prepared in the store.

  6. Comfortable for women space for putting make-up and dryer are available.

  7. Explanations are provided using pictures and instructions available in each language with general operations written on them so please do not worry.



Such advantageous privileges are included in case of 【SEALOVERS Okinawa】♪☆


  1. Free underwater photographing

    → If you have SD card and bring it on the day of the activity, the instructor will take photos of diving process using special underwater camera. If you do not have SD card or if you forget it you can buy it onsite for 1,000 JPY and we will make photos for you^ ^

  2. Free feeding

    → If you want to get close to fishes, touch and communicate with them a lot, it is recommended to make reservation in morning when fish is lively (because it is hungry)!




Diving experience in the Blue Caves♪ With this very popular plan you can go by boat right to the spot in front of the Blue Caves!

\ 9,000 JPY per person / (Cheap!)




So after relieving let’s go to the gathering spot quickly!



The gathering spot is this store “SEALOVERS Okinawa”.


You can choose gathering time from the written below.

  1. Meeting at 7:30

    → This time is recommended because fish is the most active in this hours (because it is hungry)♪

  2. Meeting at 9:30

  3. Meeting at 11:30

  4. Meeting at 13:30

  5. Meeting at 15:00


We made a reservation for the earliest meeting time at 7:30(╹◡╹)


< Gathering place: SEALOVERS Okinawa >

Parking spot Yes・Free charge
Mapcode 206 096 201*10
Address 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字前兼久152-1





Since it is not possible to talk with the instructor during diving,

“hand signals” and underwater signs will be explained before departure.


→ Important especially for diving hand signal necessary to check “relieving of ear pressure” is also available in each language.


After changing to diving suit put the luggage in the free locker♪




Moving to the fishing port with boat after changing!


It takes about 5 minutes to reach the fishing port with the boat belonging to SEALOVERS Okinawa!



It takes about 5 minutes on the boat to reach the Blue Caves from the fishing port!

After boarding, you will receive an explanation how to use the equipment on practice.


We arrived to the Blue Caves so let’s start setting up the equipment!


→Okinawa Holiday Hackers編集部もいっしょに潜りました♪


Becoming more panic somehow go into the underwater world…!!!


↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


→ I got panicky for a while not being used to how to breath properly.





And when I noticed it we are already inside the Blue Caves…!


When I was thinking about getting used to breathing and relieving ear pressure, it turned out that we are already in the Blue Caves.

I was surprised by this proximity because less than 10 minutes have passed from the start of diving!


Right after we left behind the entrance to the Blue Caves, the instructor took a picture♪


→ I am the one with bangs hanging down.


I was desperately busy with “breathing” and “relieving ear pressure” during the first diving, so I didn’t have time to see this essential “blue color” and I am really happy that I can see on the picture later!

In SEALOVERS Okinawa you will be provided with about 30 pictures for 1 diving and it is very convenient~(╹◡╹)




Giving feed to fishes is the next after the Blue Caves♪



Change the spot and go to the corner for feeding fishes!


This is for persons who have not confidence in swimming!

In SEALOVERS Okinawa instructor usually move backwards (the body is facing customer) and the instructor pull you holding your hands so it is OK if you only move your legs♪


→ During the movement being pulled by hands of the instructor…!


Arrival to the feed giving corner!

A swarm of fishes is here probably because they are already hungry~!!!



Well, so if start giving the feed to the fishes…


→ There are so many fishes so we are barely visible,


→ Feed has gone in one moment.


It was very interesting to see approaching fishes, so speaking of diving in the Blue Caves we recommend to make reservation with meeting in the earliest time at 7:30(╹◡╹)

Sometimes fishes do not come in later time because they are full.


I was about to think that it was over soon…





Instructor!!! Wait!!!!!! Don’t leave me!!!!!!!!!



I was in a great rush but when I saw the pictures later it seemed like I swimming by my own so the result is OK(╹◡╹)♪


→ And finally we took a photo together with Okinawa Holiday Hackers sticker and returned to the boat!


Clean and refreshing feeling after taking shower in individual shower room after returning to SEALOVERS Okinawa!

Shampoo and hair conditioner was also available and I want to say thank you for this~!


→ Mirror and dryer for putting make-up are also here.




Towels are not provided so you should bring your own one!


After diving (especially if you are a beginner) your body will be tired so I recommend to go wearing loose clothes♪

I was wearing Thai pants + T-shirt + sandals ^ ^


※Please be informed that you can not flight a plane within 18 hours after diving due to effects of atmospheric pressure.

 (You can do snorkeling on the same day of boarding the plane.)



If go diving in the Blue Caves let’s make a reservation in 【SEALOVERS Okinawa】♪



Diving experience in the Blue Caves♪ With this very popular plan you can go by boat right to the spot in front of the Blue Caves!

\ 9,000 JPY per person / (Cheap!)






By the way…

\ We are also updating SNS /




Some information that was not published in the article is in the process of posting(╹◡╹)

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