【Privileges are in the end】Advantageous set with popular outdoor activities on Okinawa! How to enjoy fishing + kayak + snorkeling in Blue Caves thoroughly in 1 day


Anyway, the goal of this summer is to eat a lot! I will not loose to heatstroke!!! This is Ishii from Okinawa Holiday Hackers^ ^


Sorry for being sudden, but it is quite bothersome to plan a trip, isn’t?


It is always things like “At first it is OK just to book plane tickets and hotel! I will think about activities when I arrive onsite!”. I understand this feelings very well.

However, after arrival to the destination point, you can not understand how many time the movement takes, which of many shops offering marine activities is cheap and satisfactory… and so on! And moreover, once such bothersome thing appears it is not possible to spend long-awaited travel time to Okinawa without haste!



It would be so good if I had a plan that includes all popular activities~



\ Leave it to Okinawa Holiday Hackers /



This time to make your Okinawa travel perfect (even if it is only 1 day) we have made this 1 plan with activities you definitely can try if you book only this offer♪


Many of them!

This set plan contains popular outdoor activities on Okinawa and includes fishing + kayak + snorkeling in Blue Caves that you can enjoy at advantageous price!!!!!!!!! (Melody of Symphony No. 5 on the background)


We introduce it together with Okinawa Likes-san from Okinawa SNS media!


→ Me is on the left (Fuzuki Ishii) and Okinawa Likes-san is on the right♪



★ Make reservation in advance and let’s go(╹◡╹)


The whole day of fun for this price!? Set plan with fishing + kayak + snorkeling in Blue Caves




You can choose from 2 courses♪


You can choose course that start at 8:00 or 9:00.


They have different order of visiting the spots of fishing, kayak and snorkeling in Blue Caves!

Different orders are like this.

↓ ↓ ↓


  • Course that starts at 8:00

Snorkeling in Blue Caves → Kayak → Fishing (breakup at about 17:30)


  • Course that starts at 9:00

Fishing → Kayak → Snorkeling in Blue Caves (breakup at about 18:00)





It is better to decide do you like to fish in morning when fishes are lively (because they want to eat) or go snorkeling in Blue Caves!


  • Course that starts at 8:00 (gathering at Maeda Cape)

Recommended for persons who want to see a lot of fishes!

The area near Maeda Cape is very crowded in summer. This course is also recommended for persons who want to avoid crowd of people.


< Gathering spot: parking area near Maeda Cape >

MapCode 206 062 624*2
Address 〒904-0417




  • Course that starts at 9:00 (gathering at Kadena fishing port)

Recommended for persons who want to catch a lot of fish!

We tried this course♪


< Gathering spot: marine space Umiusagi at Kadena fishing port >


MapCode 336 746 84*27
Address 〒904-0204



※Depending on the season, number of people and weather, the order and gathering time of the tour may be adjusted.




Trying the course that starts at 9:00!!!


9:00 Gathering in Kadena fishing port and fishing!


This time 2 guides from “Umiusagi・Umiashibi” that organize current plan meet us♪

I took a kind of showy picture.


→ Guide Yata is to the left, then me (Fuzuki Ishii), Okinawa Likes-san and guide Yamashiro.


Wear life jackets promptly and departure from Kadena fishing port!



It takes about 10~15 minutes on boat to reach the fishing point.


When we arrived to the point, guide Yata explained us how to give bait in a simple way.

I am a complete beginner in fishing but I listened to the explanation with a confidence came out from nowhere.


→ Ishii “I see, I see” (but actually only shows that can do fishing, ha-ha-ha)


After the explanation the guide Yata actually demonstrated the whole process.

2 seconds after the fishing hook touched the water…


→ Caught!!! Only 2 seconds!!! Too fast!!!



So can we really catch something…?




Struggling from the moment of of attaching a bait quickly somehow we started fishing(╹◡╹)





You can actually fishing during about 1 hour and 30 minutes!



While guide Yata was catching fish by fish Finally Okinawa Likes-san succeeded!


→ Okinawa Likes “Caught!! (and very proud of it)”


I was one step close to be broken seeing this magnificent smug face.


But! Even such a complete beginner as me!!!…


→ I caught it~~~!!!!!!


The name of that fish was “scissortail sergeant” also known as “six-banded sergeant-major”. It is said that this name was given because of 6 black stripes.


→ Anniversary selfie filled with overflowing feeling of happiness together with scissortail sergeant ☆



After enjoying lovely time with caught scissortail sergeant

I let the fish go home to the sea because it was very young(╹◡╹)< Not bad~ )


Also, Okinawa Likes-san also got a scissortail sergeant!



We also caught another ones then~!



In the blink of an eye only 30 minutes left

and because I felt seasickness I intended to take a look afar… when I noticed that something was pulling the fishing rod with a big force!!!!!!


A brief thought like “What’s going on?!” and pull the rod…





I caught a “gurukun” fish living in water of Okinawa prefecture!!!!!!



→ I am happy to the extent that I forgot about seasickness!!! (but I still feel not so good)


“Gurukun” is fish name in Okinawan dialect, while the official name is “takasago”.

The belly color of caught gurukun was white in the beginning but…



after a short time it had become such red!


→ There are several opinions about this, but gurukun changes body color to red while being very excited or sleeping.


It is possible to cook caught adult fishes in dining area nearby and eat.

Gurukun caught this time was an adult fish about 30 cm long so I made it my today’s lunch(╹◡╹)

※Price of meals is not included in the plan and additional payment is necessary.




Including moving I spent 2 hours on the boat.

It is a possibility of strong sway depending on sea condition on the point of fishing and when the boat is on stop. If you have seasickness of course it is recommended to take medicine to prevent motion sickness but even if you do not have this sickness it is better to take the medicine also!!!






“Mangove kayak is after the fishing!
And then lunch!”


After returning to Kadena fishing port after fishing go for kayaking(╹◡╹)

Kayak is conducted on Hijagawa river which is easy to access on foot from Kadena fishing port.


→ At first guide Yata taught us how to row on kayak



→ And then departure!





The weather was terribly hot, but with wind and greenery around I felt good(╹◡╹)


Here on Hijagawa river you can see mangrove forest to the both sides.

Since on Okinawa mangrove trees can be seen mainly in the norther area, if you want to see them as much close to Naha as possible, you definitely should try this experience on Hijagawa river♪

(You can not find mangrove trees near Naha city or southern area)




→ Crab spotted!



And if go further… waterfall is spotted!



→ Make a U-shaped turn and return to the starting point.


→ We are back~!




We spend about 50 minutes on kayaks.

When you rowing a kayak, water comes inside in any case so it is worth to wear pants that are OK to become wet!!!

(About shoes, you can borrow crocs or beach sandals for free so this is no reason to worry♪)


Hijagawa is the closest place from Naha where mangrove trees can be seen and it is recommended for customers who stay in Naha city or Nanbu area~!!!






“Lunch time!
Deep-fried gurukun I caught before!”


We was very hungry after enjoying kayaking.

Guide Yata told us the place of recommended spot for lunch and we visited it(╹◡╹)


※Transportation costs to the eating place and meal price are not included in the plan price. Please take into consideration that you need to pay it yourself.



Okishima Market is situated in about 6 minutes by car from Kadena fishing port.

Here deep-fried gurukun that I (I emphasis that it was me) caught was cooked!!!!!!


→ Gurukun which I caught is on the back side!!!


Of course only this is not enough and we ordered from another menus♪


→ Okinawa Likes-san and editorial staff of Okinawa Holiday Hackers (4 people in total) enjoyed tasty dishes♪


Deep-fried gurukun is tasty as it is, but since I caught it the deliciousness was 100 times more than usual!!!

By the way deep-friend gurukun is almost always available in bars on Okinawa so please try it when you come here^ ^


< Okishima market > 

Business hours 10:00〜20:00
Closing days Open every day of the year
Parking area Free parking available
MapCode 336 448 26*10
Address 〒904-0205 Okinawa-ken, Nakagami-gun, Kadena-chō, Kaneku, 372-2 ネーブルカデナ内 1F




Let’s go to the last activity finally!
Snorkeling in the Blue Caves!!!


After finishing lunch without hurry move to the next gathering spot at Maeda Cape!


After meeting with guide Yata we get wetsuit and special shoes and change.

Then we were taught basic movements (like if water comes into goggles etc)(╹◡╹)


→ If by some chance water comes inside, I was said that I needed to imitate a pose of Toshiaki Kasuga (a famous Japanese comedian).


After the explanation move to the Blue Caves! Let’s go!



↓ ↓ ↓



I started to think that there are not so many fishes because it was already afternoon…


→ There are a lot of them!!!!!!


And moreover, scissortail sergeant that I caught during fishing was also here!!!

I thought that probably any fish here is larger than one that I caught during fishing and actually because of feeding near the Blue Caves it seems that there are a lot of big fishes.

※Please note that it fishing is prohibited near the Blue Caves.


→ Let’s enter the Blue Caves now!


Like it is mentioned in the name, it is blue~~~!!!!!!!!!!


→ This shot is made by guide Yata♪


→ Like this one also♪


If you think like “I want to swim in the Blue Caves because during snorkeling I can feel the blue color better that if I go diving”, we recommend to apply for snorkeling♪


After a blink of time snorkeling was over and after taking shower and changing we said goodby to Yata. It was around 18:00.





We spent about 40 minutes for actual snorkeling.


Changing room and dryer are paid so it is better to have coins!

(Shower costs 200 JPY for 1 minute and 40 seconds. ※As of June 2018)

By the way, please be informed that there are no shampoo, body soap or towel. You definitely need to bring towel and changing clothes with you♪






For you who read this article to the end!!!


For you from people of “Umiusagi・Umiashibi” who organized this great plan…


If you say

“I follow Okinawa Holiday Hackers on Instagram!”

to “Umiusagi・Umiashibi” when you make a reservation or come to the store, guides from “Umiusagi・Umiashibi” will give you the photo data for free while the usual price is 2,000 JPY!!!


※Only for customers who make reservation on the site for activities on Okinawa “One Two Smile ACTIVITIES”.



▼ Follow Okinawa Holiday Hackers on Instagram right now!


▼ Plan where privileges can be used is here!

(*Only Fishing plan are not applicable to above privilege.)


▼ The plan with 3 activities I tried this time is here!


Let’s have fun with plan offered by “Umiusagi・Umiashibi” when you travel Okinawa!

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