6 Best Instagram Spots in Ishigaki Island for the Photographers!

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Hello everyone〜

This is Goma and Fiona Ishii from Editorial Department of Okinawa Holiday Hackers ☆彡☆彡



It’s extremely “HOT” in Ishigaki Island today.


Not long ago, there were only one Low Cost Airline called Peach in Kansai International Airport which has been departing and arriving at New Ishigaki Airport. However, \ Vanilla Air has been launched recently! / (Congratulation)


Okinawa(Naha Airport)⇔ New Ishigaki Airport

Tokyo(Narita International Airport)⇔ New Ishigaki Airport have been launched from July 1, 2018.


We can’t wait flying to Ishigaki Island RIGHT NOW!!!

That’s why we came to Ishigaki Island one step ahead〜♡




Speaking of the Transportation in Ishigaki Island,  It Must Be “Gogoro.”



This time, we would like to introduce some MUST VISIT photogenic spots by a rental smart electric scooter Gogoro! 



*What is Gogoro? If you have the same question, please read the following article♪

The Best Choice for Traveling Ishigaki Island by Renting the Next Generation Scooter–Gogoro!




① Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal


You won’t ignore the graffiti when it comes to photogenic spots!

Things with wings on the wall are now famous〜♪


Buuut the graffiti in Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal is different.




The Graffiti is not on the wall but on the ground! 



→The wings of Spilornis is the motif of this pattern.



Oh! It looks 3-dimensional! It seems that we can fly high to the sky of Ishigaki Island by Gogoro〜☆

(※It actually can’t fly, please notice about that.)


No matter you are going to Taketomi Island & Iriomote Island or not, it’s free to take pictures here for everyone, so you are welcome to come here! 



<Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal>

MapCode 366 003 031*74
Address 沖縄県石垣市美崎町1-3




② Guesthouse Blue Tomowru 


Here is the graffiti of the guesthouse.





This wall is also named “Idea Leuconoe, the biggest butterfly in Japan.”





Ms. Tomori Daiti, the owner of this guesthouse with a cute smile ♪



→Ms. Tomori said that she loves Idea Leuconoe so much(Photo・Right)。

A cafe with Take-out only service is also established together with the guesthouse



Do you notice that the patterns of Idea Leuconoe looks like Yaeyama Islands (a generic term for isolated islands including Ishigaki Island) 〜?



<Guesthouse Blue Tomowru>

MapCode 366 005 030*22
Address 沖縄県石垣市登野城701




③ Island Vegetable CAFE Re:Hellow BEACH


You can easily go to a fashionable cafe by Gogoro when you are starving!


What’s more, compare to normal vehicle, it’s much more easier to park Gogoro. 



→Yeah! It’s noon! Foremost, a same pose as the signboard!



!!!!!It’s Time for Lunch!!!!!



→Meal’s Name:Salmon Lomi Lomi Salad Rice



Since we came to “a Cafe where you can go into the sea directly”, we swung inside the hammock, overlook the ocean, and had a leisurely time here〜♡





<Island Vegetable CAFE Re:Hellow BEACH>

Office Hour 8:00〜10:30/11:00〜18:00
Regular Holiday No
Parking Area Yes・FREE
MapCode 956 291 181*40
Address 沖縄県石垣市真栄里192-2




④ Ishigaki Island Tour


Another graffiti is located in a place you can experience mangrove canoe.





You can reserve Mangrove Canoe HERE♪






This graffiti is done by the staff from Ishigaki Island Tour in his or her free time! It’s beyond fantastic. 



<Travel in Ishigaki Island>

MapCode 366 070 386*46
Address 沖縄県石垣市宮良1051-2




⑤ Mirumiru Hompo


You won’t want to miss this Ice・Gelato shop in Ishigaki Island!




We visited the main shop of Mirumiru Hompo!




→I tried the most popular flavor, milk!(The BGM is a song called  DONNA DONNA♪)



It’s enjoyable to eat ice cream from shop Mirumiru under Ishigaki Islands’ energetic sun




<Mirumiru Hompo>

Office Hour 10:00~Until Sunset
Regular Holiday No
Parking Area Yes・FREE
MapCode 956 434 027*53
Address 沖縄県石垣市新川1583-74




⑥ Jetty near Yashima Elementary School


The beautiful jetty here is painted by alumnus of Yashima Elementary School!



From this mysterious fish with a human-looking face




to this stunning pattern, there are a lot of fantastic works here!




Enjoy finding your favorite work here ♪



<Yashima Elementary School>

MapCode 956 290 245*82
Address 沖縄県石垣市八島町2-3




It’s recommend to plan your trip to these attractions where is mainly in the central part when you travel to Ishigaki Island♪



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