The Best Choice for Traveling Ishigaki Island by Renting the Next Generation Scooter--Gogoro!

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Hello everyone〜

This is Goma and Fiona Ishii from Editorial Department of Okinawa Holiday Hackers☆彡☆彡


Have you ever been to Ishigaki Island?


As a southern paradise surrounded by clear and blue ocean, Ishigaki Island is famous for being able to enjoy the starry sky at night. 

In addition, Ishigaki Island is also famous for being the third largest island in Okinawa with  the largest coral reef in Japan and the largest Order Coenothecalia in northern hemisphere surounded. 


Please see how clear the ocean is by the following photo!



How do you feel?!


I wish the beautiful landscape will live forever……!!

Don’t you have the same feeling with me?


To explore more oceans and natures in Ishigaki Island in an eco way, you won’t miss Next Generation Scooter which has caused a lot of attentions so far.  


The name of it is  “Gogoro”


This time, we would like to introduce this Gogoro which has blown up as one of the new tourism tools by renting one!




What’s the next generation scooter that born in Taiwan, “Gogoro”?


Gogoro is an electric scooter developed by Taiwanese Gogoro company. With this scooter rental system, you can ride on it without using gasoline but electricity which is not only friendly to earth but also humen beings.

Its actual name is “Go SHARE” but please remember the name of Gogoro.


BTW, this scooter first launched in Taiwan, then  Berlin in Germany and Paris in France. What surprsed me was that it is Ishigaki Island that first introdued this ecectric scooter among Japan!


→This is Gogoro.


The cute design of this scooter perfectly matches Ishigaki Island’s nature ♡ 




Features of Gogoro




Types of Gogoro


It’s available to rent Gogoro2Plus, a new model released in 2017.(April 2018 so far)



Battery Runtime


With exchanging batteries for one time, you can run a distance of approximately 80 km (constant speed 40 km/h).



Output(6.4kw)※Ways to Caculate the Output of Elecrtic Scooter


When converting to the displacement, there are scooters equivalent to 50 cc and 125 cc.

The license requirments are as follow.


  • Equivalent to 50cc = Driving license for scooter or Driving license for general passenger vehicle

  • Equivalent to 125cc = Driving license for general bike(small two-wheeler limited)


※For foreign customers, if you wan to rent a Gogoro here, please make sure you have Driver’s Local  License, International Driving Permit (based on the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic of September 19, 1949) or Official Japanese Translation (Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia and Monaco limited) and your Passport with you.

Please note that without documents mentioned above, you are not allowed to rent a Gogoro.


Both 50 cc and 125 cc have same size・color, but they have different number plates! 



Number Plate


→This is 50cc


→This is 125cc


Along with the design of Gogoro, it’s amazing that there are sunset, starry sky and special natural monument, crested serpent eagle, on the local number plates♡ 




Where and How to Rent Gogoro?


There are 7 places for you to rent Gogoro. (October 2018 so far)



<Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal(Anei Kanko Counter)>

Office Hour 9:00~18:00

Regular Holidays No

Parking Area Yes・FREE
MapCode 956 288 865*02
Address 沖縄県石垣市美崎町1Inside Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal・In Front of Anei Kanko Counter



<Maezato Sharing Square>

Office Hour 9:00~18:00
Regular Holidays No
Parking Area Yrs・FREE
TEL +81-980-87-5562
MapCode 956 291 763*71
Address 石垣市真栄里287-1

Note Offical Website



<Ishigaki Seaside Hotel>

Office Hour 9:00~18:00
Regular Holidays No
Parking Area Yes・FREE
MapCode 366 480 157*86
Address 沖縄県石垣市川平154-12

Note Reserve a Hotel HERE



<Fusaki Resort Village>

Office Hour 9:00~19:00
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 956 403 681*11
Address 沖縄県石垣市新川1625

Note Offical Website



<La Teade Ishigaki Resort>

Office Hour 9:00~19:00
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 366 450 211*58
Address 石垣市川平185

Note Offical Website



<e-SHARE石垣 North Gate Way>

Office Hour 9:00~18:00
Regular Holidays Irregular holidays
Parking area available
MapCode 366 618 629*55
Address 石垣市伊原間78-2

Note  Reservations and details are here!



<Okinawa EXES Ishigakijima>

Business hours 9:00~19:00
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 366 071 249*47
Address 石垣市宮良923-1

Note Offical Website


Although you can directly rent Gogoro on site, it’s still recommended to make a reservation in advance because the amount of Gogoro owned by each store is limited ☆彡




Where to Exchange the Battery of Gogoro?


→Photo・The green stuff on the central below is battery


There are two batteries for main power supply.


There are 5 chaarging stations for battery exchanging in Ishigaki Island. (October 2018 so far)



<Maezato Sharing Square>

Office Hour 9:00~18:00
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 956 291 763*71
Address 沖縄県石垣市真栄里287-1



<Ishigaki City Office(in front of the second parking lot)>

Office Hour Serve for 24 hours
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 366 003 355*7
Address 沖縄県石垣市美崎町14




Office Hour Serve for 24 hours
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 366 422 784*82
Address 沖縄県石垣市川平830-3



※In front of the Funakuya fishing port. You can take the model of police car as a landmark.

Office Hour Serve for 24 hours
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 366 618 437*22
Address 沖縄県石垣市伊原間池田35-24(Inside Funakuya Fishing Port)



<Don Quixote>

Business hours 24時間営業
Regular Holidays No
MapCode 366 007 298*33
Address 沖縄県石垣市大浜高田原462-1


All of the charging stations are easy to find, so there is no need to worry about the dead battery.


→Photo・The charging station is on the right handside. There are many batteries supply here.




Only by 6 Seconds! Way to Exchange the Battery of Gogoro


What you need to do is just to open the helmet inner, take out the two batteries, and put them back to the vacant space ! 


→Press the button to open the helmet inner,


→take out the green batteries in the front,


→and then put them into a vacant space.

Although the grip strength of the right arm of Ms. Fiona Ishii was only 8 (Measured in her grade 4) it’s easy for her to carry the battery!



As long as you insert the used battery, two charged batteries will automatically pop out.



→Björn (The sound of the poping out battery)。


Put 2 new batteries back to the original location, and the the exchanging procedure is done! 

How amazing it need only 6 secods without charging!!


So EASY…and COOL…super DOPE…!




Take a Ride of Gogoro to Exoerience, Let’s Go!


Here we are to try the Gogoro.

Actually we rent one in Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal at Anei Kanko Counter, and we can’t wait starting our journey in Ishigaki Island with it! 


→It’s the first time for Ms. Fiona Ishigaki to ride on a 2-wheel vehicle.


What arises in my mind firstly is that Ishigakijima’s wind feels super good! 

You can feel the wind by your skin; what’s more, you can still feel the speed which is definitely funner than renting a car☆彡

Most important of all, “We are in Ishigaki Island!” We finally realize this truth.

We were nervous about operating Gogoro because we didn’t have any experience of riding a 2-wheel vehicle, but actually we got used to it in 5 minutes. 


→Bike・Goma who is NG to 2-wheel vehicle rode on 125cc with tandem style. (LOL)


We have Ms. Yonemori, a beautiful staff from the cooperative company e-SHARE Ishigaki Co., Ltd., ridden on the back ♪


There is not much vibration of the engine which is peculiar to the motorcycle when you ride Gogoro. Besides, the body of this scooter is table and comfort to ride!   

In addition, the driving noise is added purposely to prevent accidents, and the sound is beyoud words to describe~♪

There are still 2 fists left after sitting 2 girls. 

It’s strongly recommended for couples to try~! LOL


What’s more, one more advantage different from rental car is that it’s so easy to park・get on and off!


By riding Gogoro, you must become the most eye-catching spotlight among all drivers・pedestrian passing by. With full superiority. LOL





It’s Recommended to Ride Gogoro to Feel the Nature of Ishigaki Island 


Finally, let me introduce how Gogoro got its name…!

“We just named it arbitrary” answered e-SHARE Ishigaki Co., Ltd.


All right. This is what we called inspiration


Maybe you have a image of Travel=Rent a car, but actually you have one more choice! Enjoy your trip in Ishigaki Island with a brand new experience by riding Gogoro! 

Why not let Gogoro guide you to follow your inspiration and let the nature kiss your skin~?





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