Don't miss this is you go to Okinawa ♪ Try out the taste of Okinawa at least once from "Maruichi Foods"

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Everyone who’s been on a trip wants to try out that region’s delicious food!!


What do all of you browsing Okinawa Holiday Hackers want to try in Okinawa!?


This time, we’ll be introducing you to the “chicken and fried tofu” regional cuisine that’s loved by the locals and something the editors want you to try if you go to Okinawa. ♪


This is a local delicacy that people in the know feel is on par with Okinawa soba, taco rice, and chanpuru. \(^O^)/


Chicken and fried tofu specialty restaurant
“Maruichi Foods”



The “chicken and fried tofu” we’ll be introducing you to this time is from 【Maruichi Foods】in Uruma.


And this is what’s so incredible about them!

This restaurant specializes in takeout that only has chicken and fried tofu.^^



Just take a look at the menu boards inside the restaurant.♪



And this is the much talked about chicken and fried tofu.



This addictive chicken is loaded with garlic!


The crispy coating on the chicken is seasoned with pepper and garlic, and the garlic smell into your nose is irresistible! It really packs a punch!


Pretty much 100% of people who like garlic are crazy about it.(・∀・)


The chicken comes in two types either with a bone or boneless, but I firmly recommend the boneless chicken.


With the boneless chicken, you can take take the fried tofu in one hand and the chicken in the other and stuff your cheeks without worrying about the bone!

This is the strongest one handed food d(^O^)b LOL


The refreshing fried tofu pairs incredibly well with the chicken.


The strong tasting chicken goes so well with the fried tofu that is both lightly colored and triangular, which is somewhat different from typical fried tofu.


For the wrapping around the vinegared rice, instead of it being the sort of fried tofu that has salty sweet juice gushing out of it, this fried tofu is very thin and seasoned.


And the slightly sweet vinegar from the rice does its job, giving it an overall refreshing taste.


That’s right! It’s almost like this seasoning was calculated just to be tasted with the garlic chicken!!!!

Each of their own deliciousness

makes the other stand out.(^^)


To be honest, I could eat these forever.



By the way, the pack with two pieces of fried tofu and two pieces of boneless chicken I introduced you to this time is on the “limited menu” and it was somewhat of a bargain.♪



This is usually the amount I buy.♪


I recommend them so much that it makes me wonder if I personally “bought too much” because they taste great even after a while!^^


Be sure all of you come to Uruma in the center of the main island to try out the most delicious combination possible of “chicken & fried tofu”♪


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Other delicious items on their limited menu.♪


◆Chicken skin

This is perfect for a snack.



It’s not fatty, and it stays crisp even the next day. ♪ If you drink, there’s nothing wrong with buying it.


◆Chicken skewers

This might be a little easier for kids to eat.♪



Simple is best! The chicken seasoned with salt and pepper is easy to eat on a skewer.

It also won’t get your hands dirty, so it’s great for anyone with kids.



This is the best when going on a drive.(^^)

Enjoy the taste of Okinawa while overlooking the blue sea from Uruma.



Parking lot Available
Business hours 9:00 a.m.~5:00 p.m.

(Closed if sold out)

Closed on Mondays
MAPCODE 336 288 27*24
Address 〒904-2231 沖縄県うるま市字塩屋494-6


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