For people who want to view the perfect sunset from Miyakojima♪ Sunset Kayaking Experience

Hello from aboard a kayak!

This is Ishii from Okinawa Holiday Hackers(╹◡╹)


This time we’re introducing

A Kayaking Experience in Miyakojima


This is not your ordinary daytime kayaking!



We meet at 5:30pm
A comfortable and relaxing time for kayaking

*The meeting time may change depending on the season.


This time I joined

kayaking while looking at the Miyakojima Sunset♪


The meeting time is adjusted based on the sunset time that day, so you can enjoy kayaking in cooler temperatures than in the daytime^o^


▼I signed up with this link below!



An extraordinary time
you can only experience on Miyakojima


The day I went kayaking was unfortunately cloudy

But even then, the moments I spent on the kayak surrounded 360 degrees by the vast ocean and skies of Miyakojima were mystical and extraordinary!


▼By the way, it looks like this when it’s sunny!

Photo Credit: Summer Resort Miyakojima


We spent about 40 minutes paddling on the kayak.

We could go further than I expected towards the open sea, and we got to see the sunset surrounded on all sides by the nature of Miyakojima ♪


A thrill for both adults and children

No mistake (∩^o^)⊃━━☆゚.*・。




You can see the Irabu Bridge
Japan’s longest bridge, which you can cross for free


In the plan that I chose,

I could see the Irabu Bridge that connects Miyakojima and Irabu Island while enjoying sunset kayaking.


When you sign up, definitely check out the Irabu Bridgewhich is Japan’s longest bridge at 3,540 meters long(╹◡╹)


▼The reservation page is here!


That was my report of the Sunset Kayak Experience, which lets you enjoy the Miyakojima sunset to your heart’s content ♪

I hope this helps you with your Miyakojima trip planning ^o^


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