【High Encounter Rate】The Snorkeling with Sea Turtles Experience in Miyakojima!

Hello from the Ocean of Miyakojima!

This is Ishii from Okinawa Holiday Hackers ^o^


This time,

【Popular activities】 in Miyakojima・・・


▼This is the plan(s) which Ishii experienced▼



Children six years old and up can participate!
Even people who are not good at swimming can meet


On the plan I experienced, I can be in the ocean for about 40 minutes.I saw the first sea turtle in about three minutes after getting in the ocean!


First, I am going to greet the sea turtle.

Nice to meet you! I am Ishii from Okinawa Island. m(_ _)m


Comparing to other companies, on the plan I experienced , you can see sea turtles at shallow water level . Children who have never done snorkeling before can easily participate on this plan ♪.


▼You can see a sea turtle up close due to shallow water depth!


A person who is worried about their swimming ability, even with a life jacket, would not have to worry about anything.


Attendant staff has a bodyboard, so you can see a sea turtle holding onto it. (╹◡╹)


▼With a sea turtle coming out to the ocean surface.

Sea turtle swims toward the ocean surface from the bottom of the ocean to breath once every ten minutes. That is the chance to see it up close!


▼This is the plan that Ishii experienced.▼



This is “Waikiki Beach”.
Making a reservation with the marine company is a must!


The place where I did snorkeling with sea turtles this time is well-known for being an original spot to view sea turtles in Miyakojima “WAIWAI Beach”


Sea turtles sleep here and the probability of seeing turtles is very high, probably 100%.


These are what you should know in advance!

【3 points of caution at WAIWAI】


  1. There are no rental shops for marine activities such as snorkeling around the shore.

    Let’s search for a company for marine activities to swim at WAIWAI Beach and make reservations in advance.

  2. There is no retail shop, changing room or shower room around the beach.

    Please search and make a reservation in advance at the marine activities company which has full facilities.

  3. There may be dangerous creatures among them.

    It is the fact that the creatures which are harmful to humans live in a part of WAIWAI Beach. There is possibility that you may have an accident if you go by yourself. Please search and make reservations at the marine activities company which has professionals of WAIWAI Beach.


This time, I made a reservation at

popular marine sports and tour company “Summer Resort Miyakojima.”


Needless to say about renting snorkeling gear, but it is much better with a changing room, hot water shower room and even more, a powder room which women are glad to know♪. They have kind “professionals of WAIWAI Beach and it easily cleared those three areas of concern which were mentioned previously!


You should just bring a “bath towel” and “bathing suits” for yourself on that day.


▼This is the plan that Ishii experienced.▼


That is all, I reported the information for snorkeling with sea turtles in Miyakojima(╹◡╹)

I hope it will be useful information for your Miyakojima trip!



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