【From December onwards】Winter in Yomitan village! Experience Kingdom Murasakimura’s Seasonal Event, "Ryukyu Lantern Festival"

※This article was created on January 16, 2019, and so the featured photos and details are from the previous event. Please note that this year may not be the same as what is shown.


To everyone who’s viewing Okinawa Holiday Hackers!

Are you enjoying Okinawa’s winter?


In order to make your trip to Okinawa even more enjoyable,

We went this time around to an activity spot in Yomitan Village (Yomitanson), the central part of the main island!



\ Here is the landmark!!!/


Sooo many lanterns!


This seasonalevent is held every year in Experience Kingdom Murasakimura

We have infiltrated the “Ryukyu Lantern Festival”


We recommend marking reservations in advance at Okinawa’s activity booking site, OneTwoSmileACTIVITIES . ♪






But before that
What is Experience Kingdom Murasakimura?


It is about 1 hour and 10 minutes by car from the Naha Airport.

Experience Kingdom Murasakimura is an activity spot that recreates old Okinawa and the townscape of the Ryukyu period.


You can see a different look from usual during the Ryukyu lantern festival.


Originally, the facilities started from the set of NHK’s long-running drama, “Ryukyu no Kaze” (Winds of Ryukyu).

As one can expect from it’s name “Experience Kingdom”, there’s a huge variety of activities with more than 100 types!


By the way,

Hackers’ Maria has also done the Karate experience at Experience Kingdom Murasakimura ^^






Ryukyu Lantern Festival
Date and Time



The “Ryukyu Lantern Festival” is held

for 122 days on December 2, 2022 〜 March 26, 2023


It is held every year during this period of time. (╹◡╹)


Business hours are usually 9:00〜18:00,

but it is extended until 22:00 for the duration of the Ryukyu Lantern Festival!♪



Enjoy the sparkling lanterns in the night sky to your heart’s content. ^ ^


▼Reservations and more details here!





Must-sees if you’re going!


Projection Mapping



Ryukyu Lantern Festival’s projection mapping where the red roof building becomes a huge screen, and you can enjoy Ryukyu style music and images.


It is shown thrice a day, so you must definitely go and check it out!


<Projection Mapping>

Start Time 19:00〜/20:15〜/21:00〜

※Shown three times a day

Duration 8 minutes per show
Venue Ryukyu Butokuden (Karate Hall)



Lantern Artwork Contest



This year is the contest’s eighit year。

Many lanterns that were handmade by individuals and organizations were gathered this year as well.


This is just a part of it, there are so so much more!


We spotted Goeku Eisho who is known by everyone in Okinawa, and the cat bus from a Studio Ghibli film!


We also found the Okinawan lion! It’s so cute and Okinawan! ♪


You guys should also look for your favorite lanterns!


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■There are also hotels!

With perks such as free park entrance in Experience Kingdom Murasakimura ♪


<Basic Information About the Ryukyu Lantern Festival>

Event Period December 2, 2022 (Fri)〜March 26, 2023 (Sun)

Open all year round

Light Up Time 18:00〜22:00(Last reception 21:30)
Parking Space Available for free
Reservation Click HERE for the admission ticket!
Map Code 338 513 48*57
Address 1020-1 Takashiho,Yomitan,Nakagami District,Okinawa 904-0323



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