【Hotel tours Vol. 6】Infinity pool with a sea view of Onna Village is available! "Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotels" is recommended for group accommodations

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This is Maeshiro from Okinawa Holiday Hackers♪


Speaking of recommended area to enjoy resort mood on Okinawa Island fully is Onna Village!



This time in Hotel tours we introduce one of recommended resort hotels situated in such place of Onna Village~(^ ^)! Especially this hotel is recommended if 3 or more people want to stay in comfortable and large room.



All rooms of Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotels are with ocean view



Have you ever had an experience when you decided to stay in the hotel and already thought like “I can watch the sea and this is just perfect~!” but then when you were going to proceed with accommodation it turned out that all rooms with ocean view were sold out and only rooms with no ocean view were left?



In case of Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotels you do not have to worry about this at all! The reason is that all rooms are with ocean view ^ ^



From any room you can overlook a beautiful sea view near Onna Village~♪

And moreover there are many other attractive features in Kafuu Resort. So let me report and introduce about the hotel right away ~!



Any room is large and convenient~! 91% of rooms have suite room size


Suite in the annex ※This is the picture of the same room type we were in.


Speaking of charming points of Kafuu Resort it is definitely this! Room size!!!

Layout of 91% guest rooms is “suite room” and anyway rooms are big ^ ^


By the way, suite room in the new annex building is on the picture.



Large sofa is put in the room so even in case of 3 or more people or together with children you can relax leisurely.




Also since all rooms are with ocean view the view from the bathroom is also great♪


If you stay in this room I imagine bathing time like this~ ※Bathroom in suite room in the annex building



With separate bedroom


And since separate bedroom is available in the most rooms anyone can go to bed in different time and without bothering each other so it is one more good point!


Moreover, separate bedroom is also such large size~♪




Here is still enough space even if grown up person starts to frolic! 🙂





Annex building also have exclusive kitchen, drying and washing machine


Moreover, the nice point of Kafuu Resort is that all rooms have kitchen, drying and washing machine.




Exclusive open kitchen is fully equipped with kitchen utensils and tableware♪






Cute Yachimun pottery or cops from Ryukyu glass are prepared depending on the room!

※By the way the room on the picture with Yachimun pottery and Ryukyu glass is in the annex building.




As a set to washing and drying machine laundry net and washing detergent are prepared so you can gently wash and dry swimsuit wet after pool or sea and bring it home♪


Since you can do washing and drying it will help you when you come home after travel~!



On the veranda you can enjoy resort mood



In addition the veranda has interior designed in resort taste so if you spend time leisurely here you can experience feeling like “Yes, I am on resort now~!”




Until now we introduced suite room in the annex, but the most standard room in the condominium building is also large and good for cozy relaxation♪



Relax in the big rooftop pool with infinite “Okinawa blue”!



This “Infinity pool” is situated on the top floor of the annex building of Kafuu Resort. The space in front of you where sky and sea are melting into each other is the unique feature of infinity pool!



You will be healed only by relaxing at the pool side. It can be also used by guests who stay not only in the annex so if you want to see this scenery please come!



Deluxe lunch with grilled meat overlooking blue sea of Onna



The restaurant we want to visit at least once while staying in Kafuu Resort is here!


Here you can enjoy 180 degrees panoramic ocean view and the name is also “Ryukyu BBQ Blue”.



This is a restaurant that serves dishes in half-buffet style and located near the infinity pool. At the buffet you can relish Asian dishes♪




Moreover, as a main dish you can enjoy many meat meals!

If you want to enjoy luxury here we recommend “Kuroge Wagyu Shimofuri Tsukushi” (“All sorts of black Japanese marble beef”).




Regarding side menus, you can choose and arrange your favorite ones in the buffet and enjoy this kind of deluxe lunch with grilled meat ^ ^


And everybody starts to eat such magnificent lunch immediately!



\\ Let’s eat~! //





Sound of frizzling marble Japanese beef right in front of us doesn’t stop


Since it is a meat grilling you can have fun together in group♪


By the way, it is possible to use breakfast coupon (for adult) of Ryukyu BBQ Blue as 2,000 JPY coupon for lunch!


If you stay in Kafuu Resort, how about trying deluxe lunch with black Japanese beef? ^ ^



Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotels can be enjoyed by groups leisurely


Actually if you enter Kafuu Resort we think that since the room has suite layout you can relax comfortably if you stay as a group of 3 or more people or if you stay with children.



▼ Hotel reservations and details are here!



After we told a lot about attractive points of Kafuu Resort let us close the Hotel tours Vol. 6!



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