Top 5 shops you should visit at Kokusaidori!


Haitai (that’s Okinawan for hello) to all followers of Okinawa Holiday Hackers!!


I’m Fiona Ishii, and I’m fully enjoying my third year in Okinawa since moving here.


This spot is the typical location that first time visitors to Okinawa or people on school trips always go to Kokusaidori.

Conveniently located 20 minutes from Naha airport, Kokusaidori is a roughly 1.6km long street lined with restaurants and souvenir stores.



What’s that?

You say Kokusaidori has so many shops you don’t know which ones to go to??


Here at Okinawa Holiday Hackers we have thought to introduce the shops of Kokusaidori in response to your concerns.




Okinawa Holiday Hackers with Okinawa Likes

【Absolutely instagrammable!】

The eat and enjoy from morning to night Kokusaidori tour



The plan is for Okinawa Holiday Hackers together with Okinawa Likes of the Okinawa SNS media to select the most instagrammable shops from Kokusaidori!

These stores will be introduced in tour fashion, along with their set menus and the best times to visit them to see their attractions.


And this Kokusaidori tour is opening-

Today! (Sep 21, 2018)


We want to present a more realistic and up to date view of Kokusaidori to our readers!


And to that end, the form of the tour will be as real time as possible.

Introduced in the stories of each of our SNS’.




*The real time story broadcast has concluded! The story is included in the highlights of Okinawa Holiday Hackers’ Instagram, so please check it out there.




Now then!

Here is the Kokusaidori tour’s “travelers’ guide”, opened today!


Morning to night Kokusaidori tour
Travel guide


8:30 am


Here is the first commemorable stop on the Kokusaidori tour!



With its main store in Shibuya, Tokyo, a sandwich shop famous for the long queues it generates, now auspiciously open in Okinawa.

And its name is…



The turquoise blue landmark sign of



This store keeps to the turquoise blue theme.


The pairing of turquoise blue and red go together perfectly.


It makes a pretty picture no matter where you cut it…!



You are provided a morning menu which is actually rare within Naha city!


Even the tableware is turquoise blue!


Going clockwise from the bottom of the picture

  • Toad in the hole

  • Breakfast plate

  • Milk toast

we ordered the above three as well as the “soup of the day” from the menu.


Two very full Hackers members with Okinawa Likes having eaten all morning.


From left to right, Okinawa Likes, Goma from Hackers, Fiona Ishii from Hackers.


Everything from the morning menu was delicious, but the “soup of the day” was especially tasty!

As the soup is only available while stocks last we recommend going in the morning to get yourself some.


Incidentally, today’s “soup of the day” was pot-au-feu​!



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<Basic info for BUY ME STAND OKINAWA>

Business hours 8:00-5:00

* The morning menu runs from 8:00-11:00

Regular closing days Every Wednesday
Parking none

Please park in the nearby coin lot if traveling by car.

Map code 331 587 37*76
Address 〒902-0067





11:30 am
RuLer’s TACORiCE Makabi Store


When one thinks of lunch in Okinawa they think of Taco rice

and with the addition that the manager is handsome,

RuLer’s TACORiCE Makabi Storewas where we went for lunch!



→Handsome manager discovered! Mr. Toguchi.


Though it is a speciality store the menu was abundant.


▼Here is a menu item perfect for even first timers!

→BBQ tacorice taco combo.


Of course its delicious eating it as is, but apparently there is a magic sauce which makes it even tastier…


▼And that is,RuLer’s TACORiCE’s original salsa sauce!

→If you order Taco rice you can use as much sauce as you want for free.


▼We recommend this menu item for those who love avocado!

→ABC taco rice fries combo.


And whats more, at RuLer’s TACORiCE Makabi store

followers of Okinawa Holiday Hackers’ SNS have access to a limited offer!!!


Okinawa Holiday Hackers
followers’ special offer!


If you order taco rice,


①Follow Okinawa Holiday Hackers’

Instagram orFacebook


②When paying the bill

Show on your phone screen that you’re a follower


↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 


and receive a free small drink!


*Offer available between Sep 21, 2018 – Aug 31, 2019


Make sure to go and meet the handsome manager when you visit Okinawa!

(He’s actually even more handsome in person so make sure you go ladies! lol)



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<Basic info for RuLer’s TACORiCE Makabi store>

Business hours 11:00-10:00(last order 9:30)
Regular closing days none
Parking none

Please park in the nearby coin lot if traveling by car

Map code 331 890 70*65
Address 〒902-0062





1:30 pm
Ti-da Beach Parlour


I want some kind of snack…

but I also want to find some keepsakes for myself since I came all the way to Okinawa…


When you’re feeling this way you want to come here!

A two minute walk from Makishi station on the Yui Rail is the Ti-da Beach Parlour.



The Ti-da Beach Parlour,

deals in piercings and accessories, iPhone cases, one-pieces, dry flowers and an abundance of miscellaneous products so we recommend it for selecting souvenirs for women.



Starting with smoothies and Açaí na tigela, they also sell beverages so you can relax and drink while you pick out souvenirs!


▼We ordered the most popular smoothies!

▼The left is dragonfruit flavor and the right is mango berry.

→I took lots of photos that I couldn’t resist posting on Instagram.



And now, at Ti-da Beach Parlour

Okinawa Holiday Hackers SNS followers receive a limited offer!!!


Okinawa Holiday Hackers
followers’ special offer!


If you order a smoothie


①Follow Okinawa Holiday Hackers’

Instagram or Facebook


②When paying the bill,

Show on your phone screen so they know you’re a follower


↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


and receive a free tub of cut fruits with your initials on the topping!


*Offer running from Sep 21, 2018 – Aug 31, 2019.


▼Here are our initial toppings!

→The “H” from Hackers and the “L” from Okinawa Likes.


There’s no choice but to go!


→The friendly and stylish Ms. Kei, a member of the staff.


▼I want to post this on my SNS as soon as I can!

▼Check out everyone’s posts on instagram!


<Basic info for Ti-da Beach Parlour>

Business hours 12:00-6:00
Regular closing days irregular days off
Parking none

Please park in the nearby coin lot if traveling by car.

Map code 331 585 77*58
Address 〒902-0062





3:00 pm
Eddy’s Ice Cream Okinawa store


For everyon on Kokusaidori, or those going there now!

If you have been enjoying the latest Kokusaidori has to offer, here is your 3 o’clock snack!

Eddy’s Ice Cream Okinawa storeis the obvious choice.



The store that sparked a large boom in ice-cream in Harajuku, Tokyo, has opened a second store this year in August in Kokusaidori Okinawa.

The reason for its popularity is thatyou can choose the cone, ice-cream, and topping and make it to your own tastes!


→There are so many topping varieties!


▼We recommend the Okinawa limited softserve!

→The hibiscus topping is a limited item you can only eat here!



Okinawa Likesordered the unicorn soft serve!

→The inside of the store is photogenic no matter where you take your shot!


▼We took these kind of photos.

→What kind of call is Goma from Hackers (pictured center) getting? lol.


By all means, make Eddy’s Ice Cream your 3 o’clock snack!



▼The other toppings are cute as well so I want you to have a look!

▼Checkout everyone’s instagrams!


<Eddy’s Ice Cream Okinawa store general information>

Business hours 11:00-8:00
Regular closing days Irregular
Parking none

Please park in the nearby coin lot if traveling by car.

Map code 331 572 77*88
Address 〒900-0015





5:30 pm
Sakaba TQ


And last, of course, we finish with alcohol.

We went to Sakaba TQ (Sakaba turquoise)!


→We were trying to make the letters “TQ” lol.


As soon as you enter you are greeted with a turquoise​ blue “RIZE.”



→The most popular seats are those by the bar counter, so you can see the Teppanyaki being made.


Sakaba TQ’s most recommended menu items are teppanyaki so we ordered the teppanyaki beef steak right away!


→The chef of Sakaba TQ preparing beef steak…


→Us leaning forward in anticipation as the beef steak arrived.


▼Teppanyaki “beef steak”


“Beef steak” with a firm flavor and excellent texture!

It was so delicious that I want to go back just to eat it again.


▼”Smooth Okinawa soba salad”


The flying fish roe is entangled in the Okinawa soba, lightly seasoning the noodles and making the salad an 120% match for the beef steak.

When you go, please enjoy it with the beef steak.


▼The most popular menu item “Soymilk High” .


The order rate for this drink by customers is overwhelmingly high.

It seems a bit suspicious since its not common in the menus of other stores…but the second you try it you know that it is dehji delicious.


  • * “Dehji”= “very” or “a lot” in Okinawan dialect.



Okinawa Holiday Hackers and Okinawa Likes had a delicious time.



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<Basic info for Sakaba TQ>

business hours Weekdays 7:00pm-3:00am

Friday, Saturday, days before holidays, 7:00pm-5:00am

Regular closing days none
Parking none

Please park in the nearby coin lot if traveling by car.

Map code 331 571 17*73
Address 〒900-0013




And this concludes today’s Kokusaidori tour travel guide.



We hope it will be useful for your Okinawa trip!

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