【Hotel tours Vol. 4】Make a decision about the hotel to stay during travel to Miyakojima! "Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho" grants you enjoyment of Irabu Bridge and blue water of Miyako

Hello everyone reading Okinawa Holiday Hackers!
This is Ishii, who visited a lot of Okinawan beaches, this year and whose spirit has become free and suntanned skin:)


Speaking of beaches on Okinawa we must mention…
the sea of【Miyakojima】!



Charmed by this so called “Miyako blue” sea that looks like a precious stone, regular visitors of Miyakojima appear one after another.

Miyakojima located in 300 km south from Okinawa Island and with average temperature of 23.6℃ is really like a paradise!

Blue sea near this island with corals rising up is very popular like a place for recreation and it is also a mecca of marine sports. Especially it is known as a popular spot among divers.


So if you want to enjoy Miyako blue to your heart’s contents but don’t know the hotel where to stay this is for you(╹◡╹)


This time in the Hotel tours Vol. 4

We sneak into newly opened on Miyakojima Island Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho!

※This article was published in September 2018.


We come in together with Okinawa Likes-san from Okinawa SNS media and known from previous times☆♪


→Here is pair of Fuzuki Ishii (left on the picture) who is in good mood because she is the first time on Miyakojima and Okinawa Likes-san (right on the picture) because the weather is good despite rainy forecast!




Irabu Bridge connecting Miyakojima and Irabu Island


Before entering the hotel…
Earlier we introduced it as “a hotel on Miyakojima” but actually speaking correctly the place is Irabu Island.


But if you started to think that it is necessary to go by ferry to Irabu Island please don’t worry ^ ^

Since Miyakojima and Irabu islands are connected by Irabu Bridge that can be crossed for free, so you can go strait and fast by rental car.

Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho is located in about 500 meters to the left after you cross Irabu Bridge(╹◡╹)


→ Irabu Bridge


By the way, Irabu Bridge is 3,540 meters long and it is famous as the longest toll-free bridge in Japan.

And if try to represent such Irabu Bridge we can say it is an advantageous spot where superb Miyako blue can be seen ☆

And since there are a lot of drivers coming here willing to see the scene it has nothing to do but to stay here! ☆☆☆


→ So let’s go!




Hotel tours start☆!


Luxurious standard rooms are all with ocean view



We want you to enjoy nature of Irabu Island to your heart’s content!

That’s how we feel in the hotel with clean and calm space of guest rooms.



And it is also a hammock in the guest room terrace♪

Swaying in the hammock and watching the scenery from the terrace you feel like “I am on Miyakojima now~ (= I don’t want to come back for a while~)” ^ ^


And more, and more,
if go out from the terrace and go towards sea only your private beach will appear!


→ Watching starry sky listening to the sound of waves… we do not want to go home only after imaging that~




Hacker’s recommendation!


Breakfast course


Breakfast is usually being served in buffet style in many regular hotels but

in Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho it is being offered in rare nowadays course style! (・o・)(・o・)



Starting from satisfactory volume of vegetables there are also purple yam soup, soft omelet, made in hotel bread, fruits and French toast as the last meal ♡


This French toast is tasty anyway and even for me who do not like sweet dishes it has a perfect sweetness for the last dish!



What do you think about such volume?! ☆

We really understand that being able to eat such rich and tasty breakfast course from the morning is luxurious (= we don’t go home for a while~). Thank you for the meal!


▼ Plan with breakfast of Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho




There are also good and not well-known spots in the hotel where Irabu Bridge can be observed


We definitely want to recommend this spot for the persons who wish to stay in Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho and spend time leisurely!


Wide space on the 2nd floor where Irabu Bridge can be seen is also available♪



Drinking beer there, saying like “Beer is tasty while looking at such beautiful scenery~! (= we don’t go home for a while~)” and fully enjoying the moment.


→ We firmly decided to go to Miyakojima in the future.




Beach under hotel management is also located nearby!



The beach under Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho management is situated in about 400 m from the hotel towards Irabu Bridge. Signboard “Day’s Beach Irabu” is the marker♪

Here you can enjoy marine activities to your heart’s content~!


Lifeguard is always on the spot when the beach is open for visitors so you don’t have to worry if you come with children(╹◡╹)


Cafe is also here so it is very good that you can eat soon after you get hungry ◎




We recommend to stay in Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho on Irabu Island if you travel Miyakojima♪


▼ Plan with breakfast of Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho


▼ Of course, rental car on Miyakojima is here!


<Day’s Beach Hotel Zuicho>

Parking area Free parking available
Mapcode 721 190 295*24
Address 〒906-0502


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