Recommended for ladies♪ Speaking of doing nails on Okinawa it is here!


This is Ishii from Okinawa Holiday Hackers(╹◡╹)


Sorry for being sudden, do you have a kind of “thing” that you definitely do during travel beside visiting restaurants and sightseeing?

As a gift for myself almost every time I definitely go to【Nail salon】.


I think that women understand me, that your mood become bright only by doing nails^ ^

Recently it is considered to be efficient to improve symptoms of dementia and many young people regardless their gender were attracted and started doing nails!

So how about true Okinawan nails as a memory of the next travel to Okinawa~?


My name is Fuzuki Ishii and I introduce recommended nail salon on Okinawa♪




Reservation is required to visit nail salon “Classy nail beauty”!


The nail salon I recommend is here!


→ Its name is “Classy nail beauty”


It is located in Ginowan city in 30 minute drive from Kokusai Street.


→ The store interior is like this. There are 3 manicure tables.


Since reservations are necessary to visit this nail salon so please book via the page below if you can come here♪


▼ Hand gel (I tried it this time!)


▼ Foot gel


▼ Acrylic scalpel




Gel art can be applied to 3 fingers of 10♪


The contents included in the booked plan are as follows:

  1. Cuticle care

  2. Forming the nails shape

  3. Gel coloring (gel art can be applied to 3 fingers of 10)

  4. Hands massage

The 4 items above.


\ Nails I did this time are here /




3 fingers were processed: 2 fingers with 【Hibiscus】gel art and 1 finger with【Stereo wave】and left 7 fingers were colored with monochrome emerald green~♡


If you want to clear previous nail art or if you want to increase the number of fingers with gel art it is possible for additional price♪


All operations were proceeded in 2 hours including cleaning the previous nail art.

It was done very precious, clean and cute and I am very satisfied!


→ How it looks during the process.


Please try doing true Okinawan nails in “Classy nail beauty” when you travel Okinawa ^ ^


▼ The plan with hand gel I booked this time


<Classy nail beauty>

Business hours 10:00~19:00
Closing days Every Sunday and national holidays
Parking area Free parking available
Map code 333 158 22*88
Address 〒901-2216


Fiona Ishii(石井 文月)

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