100% Okinawan mood! City beach "Okinawa Onna Seaside Civil Park Nabee-Beach" with a lot of marine activities

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Today we will meet with this beach on Okinawa♪


“Okinawa Onna Seaside Civil Park Nabee-Beach”



The beach is situated in the resort area on the western coast in good location (^O^)


Blue sea and blue sky, white seashore and palm trees.

Even gazebo! Full score for Okinawa atmosphere!!!

\ Hi♪/


Big shisa with big smile is at the beach entrance.

It greets you with smiling widely open mouth♪



“Shisa” is a guardian deity on Okinawa. There are males and females. Shisa with open mouth is a male, with shut mouth is a female. This one is with shut mouth and therefore this is a female (^^) Shisa are on the both sides of the beach entrance and when you visit this place please do not forget to take a commemorative photo.


▼ Check posts in Instagram of another people for your reference!



The overall view of the beach is like this♪

Swimming area is determined properly and since watchmen are onsite it is safe.

Moreover, since waves is pretty calm it is recommended for persons with children.




Rental beach umbrellas, swimming rings and another items are available so it is OK if you can bring only swimming suit and changing clothes♪

You can enjoy the sea fully~!



There are several azumaya on the beach but this one is the best♪


What is “azumaya”? It is a small building with roof (gazebo, pergola) for taking rest that often can be seen in parks or gardens.


Maybe this is the most special seat♪

If you visit the beach you will find some people there but if there are no people you are lucky. You can even feel the sense of superiority a bit 🙂



This place protrudes into the sea from the beach so you can feel the proximity of blue sea spreading out to the horizon and shining clear water surface. Feel like the sea of Okinawa belongs to you \(^O^)/


Nabee-Beach is located exactly between preeminent Okinawa resort hotel “ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort” and very popular as tourist spot “Manzamo” and these 2 places are presented on the pictures♪ Can you see them? ( ^ω^ )



Row of azumaya at the beach side.


The fact that such place for rest is available within the facility is one of the reasons to choose a beach, isn’t?♪

If you can not stand the heat please provide a relaxation for your body in the shade without a doubt.


By the way, you can also arrange BBQ, so it is recommended for persons who want to throw a beach party!



Of course, parking area and shower is available on the beach.

Stalls and eating facilities are also available♪

Here is also a spot with beautiful sunset so if you drive it is nice to drop in aimlessly at the same time or enjoy the sea plentifully during the whole day.


Since this city beach is not adjacent to any hotel anyone can use it freely♪


<Onna Seaside Civil Park, Nabee Beach>

Shower / changing room

Available (paid service: shower 2 minutes / 100 JPY, locker 200 JPY)

Map code 206 283 574*10
Toilet Available
Parking area Free parking available
Swimming time 9 am ~ 7 pm (in case of bad weather or depending on season hours may change)
Address 〒904-0411 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村恩納419-4
Notes Regarding barbecue and another details about the facility please check the official page of Nabee-Beach.



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