You'll want to stay with us again and again!! Introducing the private hotel 'Condominium T-Room,' limited to four, allowing you to spend your stay in Okinawa in first-rate style and comfort.

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A warm ‘haitai!’ to all our Okinawa Holiday Hackers readers! With only a little bit of time left in 2019, why not come stay for a while?


We know you’ve all been working hard all year.

Why not look for an opportunity to take a bit of a rest,and come spend just a teeeeensy bit of time relaxing in Okinawa?(╹◡╹)♡


Today, the Editors are happy to introduce

a hotel that’s just perfect for a reward vacation!♪



And its name is…

Condominium T-Room


A luxurious condominium-style hotel located on a modest little hill in Central Okinawa’s Yomitan Village.



Open Living Room and a Gorgeous Location



The best parts of the T-room

are its spacious 100 square meters and stunningly beautiful location.


From the big window in the wide open living room, you’ll be able to drink in the sight of the ocean’s beautiful blue gradient.


The view from the balcony will take your breath away! \(^O^)/



This is the hotel

the Editors would like to recommend to you all today〜〜!♪



There’s a jacuzzi on the balcony, and a bath with a view!!!



Taking in this fantastic view while you take a bath…

There’s just nothing else like it…! ( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )


The time you’ll spend is so wonderfully luxurious… you’ll end up wishing time would just stop right there. We hope you’ll take the time while soaking in the bath to give yourself the praise you deserve for all your hard work! !


Plus you’ll find both the jacuzzi and the claw-footed bathtub

in all four of the rooms.


\ Click here to go to the Reservation Page /



The T-room’s rich furnishings and amenities.


▼ Kitchen


All of the T-rooms are equipped with a built-in kitchen, which includes a microwave, rice cooker, dish washer, and a set of dishes. Everything you’ll need!


Each of the rooms varies by type, but they’ve all got this wonderfulYachimun pottery~!♪



That’s the charm of a condominium where you can make yourself a simple breakfast and relax, just as if you were at home. (^^)


▼ Amenities


And with a washer, dryer, and hair dryer, the amenities are no less well-appointed than the furnishing!

Women will especially love the beauty items, such asclay masksand more. You tend to slack on your beauty routine when you’re traveling, but these should make things a bit more fun! ◎



\ All Four Rooms have a Different Atmosphere


Each of the T-rooms is built around a different concept,

but all of them are perfectly built for comfort!


(1) Tida Shīsā



With its key hues of black and brown,

this room has a calming, sophisticated atmosphere.


The room name, ‘Tida,’ means ‘sun’ in the Okinawan dialect. It seems that it contains the owner’s wish that visitors’ travels will be blessed by the clear, bright sunshine! ^ ^



(2) Ocean Shīsā



The white tiles and sofa give the atmosphere of this room

a strong impression of luxury.



(3) Forest Shīsā



A quiet, cool room.



(4) Cloud Shīsā



You feel a sense of gentleness and warmth from this room.



Why not try a stay in the Condominium T-room, where you can soak in the beautiful, therapeutic scenery and live like you’re right at home?


Plus, it’s just bursting with other great points, like a library with approximately 1,500 books right within the grounds, as well as the ability to have a BBQ on your balcony!♪


There are a myriad of charms that only people who’ve stayed here will understand. We hope this will help all of you in putting together you own wonderful vacation! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜



■ For details and to make your reservation, click here!


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