【Tourist attractions】Special Picks of 4 Spectacular Beaches♪ The true appeals of Okinawa where you should not miss!

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Thousands of customers come to Okinawa every year to enjoy the beautiful sight of the emerald blue ocean.


“Though I have travelled to a lot of beaches…I still want to explore more secret beaches!”


For beach lovers! Yuri from the Editorial department of Okinawa Holiday Hackers is here to introduce you all the beautiful beaches♪


For those who think that they’ve already been to every beach in Okinawa mainland, here is a list of hidden beaches, I bet you don’t wanna miss it next time when you set off to Okinawa✔


“SADABAMA beach” – a place where only travel experts know


Firstly, I would like to introduce this SADABAMA beach that is located in Nakijin.


The name SADABAMA beach has become increasingly popular on Instagram recently. It is well-known among the locals and travel enthusiasts as a filming location. Yet, not a lot of people know about the place.


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


The distinctive spot at Sadabama beach is…the “hill”!!


Doesn’t it feel like a movie setting from this angle?

Photo by: Okinawa Likes


If you stand on the hill, you will be able to see the “Sadabama Blue”. It is breathtaking!Bring you home the beautiful memories by taking a picture!After overlooking the scenery from the hill, take a leisure walk at the beach.


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Emerge yourself in the tranquility of nature, throw on your snorkelling gear and explore the underwater world! Kindly note that there are no shower rooms here. Please be careful while enjoying the sea ♪


Basic Information of Sadabama beach

shower rooms/ dressing rooms/toilets Nothing
Parking only a few parking space are available
Map code 553 143 094*82
Addres Shoshi,Nakijin-son,Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 905-0426 Japan


Notice This is not a managed beach, please note that there are no lifeguards and supervisors on the area. Please be careful when swimming. Please follow the rules and enjoy your trip in Okinawa♪


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The paradise for viewing blue gradient colours! Anchi Beach is surrounded by the emerald blue sea hugging the parameters of the island; Great view from the top of Sesoko Bridge


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Next on the list is the Anchi beach at Sesoko island.


Speaking of Sesoko island, the most prominent beach on the island is called Sesoko beach, which is located on the western coastline. The island has also another hidden gem~Anchi beach which is just under the connecting bridge.


The waters here is just as crystal clear as that at Sesoko Beach ♡ Unfold the beauty of the glowing Anchi sea here…


Highly recommend to go on the top of the bridge and see the “Anchi Beach Blue”


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Awaiting for you on the bridge are the glistening water and radiant colours of corals, which creates a beautiful backdrop for your instagram picture!


It looks like a stunning picture taken by a drone.


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Take a walk along the dock on the right handside of the beach and discover the cute little fishes ~ Perfect for whose who want to meet the residents of the sea but do not want to get wet♪


The Sea House is open during summer time where you can use the shower facilities there.


Basic Information of Anchi Beach

Shower/Dressing room Only available during the Sea House opening hours
Toilet Nothing
Parking Provided(Parking fee differs in different periods)
Mapcode 206 825 362*41

Notice Although there are staff in the Sea House, no lifeguards stay on the beach. Please be careful while swimming. Follow the rules and have fun in Okinawa♪


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Enjoy Okinawan rustic beauty at “Beach51”


It only takes 7 minutes to reach here from the popular diving place “Blue Cave” on foot. Make your way to the sugarcane field and you will find a photo hotspot there, highly recommend for instagram pictures!


The charming coastline will come to your sight as you walk along the path.


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Follow the little path inside the sugarcane fields, you will be amazed by the wonders this tropical paradise offers. Home to white sand beaches and the extensive shoreline, there are a lot of scenic locations around Beach 51 waiting for you to uncover!


Let me introduce you these spectacular spots one by one!


The “Window” to the Emerald Ocean


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Imagine this scenery appears at the edge of the beach road you are walking on, won’t you be surprised? Here is the second picturesque location of Beach51♪Photo-taking time~ I wonder who discovered this mysterious but breathtaking spot~I would like to thank him/her for bringing me the chance to enjoy such magnificent views!


Enjoy the panoramic view at the hill edge


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Eventually, where’s the most beautiful superb view of Beach51? That is the view from this hill! It is a breathtaking and magnificent scenery that overwhelme visitors.


Create a memory of a lifetime by joining activities like snorkelling or SUP at the Beach51. Immerse yourself into the heat through sun-bathing! From lone-travellers to families, this beach has everything to offer for a leisure holiday♪ Do not forget to bring your sun-protection items, towels and a beach mat!!!


Basic Information of Beach51

Shower/Dressing Room Nothing
Toilet Nothing


Toll car parking lots available near Cape Maeda
Map code 206 062 398*41
Address 715 Maeda, Onna, Kunigami District, Okinawa, 904-0417, Japan



Notice There are no lifeguards on the beach. Please watch for your own safety while swimming. During good weather conditions, visit the hill edge as aforementioned to explore even more. Please note that it may get wet in rainny days, pay attention to slippery roads. Kindly follow the rules and have fun in Okinawa♪


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The Disappering Path in UKUNOHAMA


Last but not least, I would like to introduce you another beach called UKUNOHAMA in MIYASHIRO island. You can drive from Okinawa mainland to this isolated island. It is another heaven filled with lovely sceneries♪


The road to the destination is narrow and bumpy. Please drive safely untill the end of the route, what awaits you ahead of the tough journey is the beautiful Uke Beach!


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Though it is not that easy to reach the beach, the splendid landscape will eventually come to your sight at the end, it will be worthwhile~


The Disappearing Pathway


Photo by: Okinawa Likes


Here comes the most fascinating view of Uke beach~ the disappearing pathway to the sea. “Where does the road end?” This thought popped into my mind several times that had urged me to visit there~ It is so mystic that I couldn’t help but take a shot.


Come face to face with marine species such as clownfishes through snorkeling♪ Kindly note that there is no shower room nor toilet here.


Basic Information of UKUNOHAMA

Shower/Dressing Room Nothing
Toilet Nothing
Parking Only a few parking spaces available
Map code 499 704 553*33
Address Yonashiromiyagi, Uruma, Okinawa, 904-2423, Japan

Notes There are no lifeguards on the beach. Please watch for your own safety while swimming. Be careful and have fun in Okinawa♪


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Beach lovers! After reading this, are you excited to spend a beach holiday with lots of sunshine in Okinawa?


Please bear in mind that even though many beaches in Okinawa are open to all but they are not under any management. Let’s protect these beautiful beaches together and pay attention to the safety rules. In this way, more visitors and our future generations will still be able to enjoy these spots!






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