Near Ginowan Tropical Beach「UmiChika Cafeteria」

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Hello from Okinawa Prefecture!

This is the Okinawa Holiday Hackers Editorial Department ^ ^


This time, we are introducing

A Cafeteria in the Central Main Island Area・Ginowan


\The name is「UmiChika Cafeteria」/


Beloved by the locals withTHE・Okinawa atmosphere, the inexpensive cafeteria is a 10 minute walk from Ginowan Tropical Beach.


There’s a maximum occupancy of 64 seats and when we, the editorial department went, it was so popular that nearly all the seats were taken!


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▼The menu looks like this♪



That’s right!

As you can see from the photos, there’s plenty of variety on the menu!


However, there’s not only plenty of menu variety.


\The amount of food is also plenty/

Chicken Curry(680 yen)

It’s full of meat ^ ^!


Oyakodon(Small Size)(530 yen)

Even the small size was substantial!


With an ample menu and lots of volume, the plentiful「UmiChika Cafeteria」

Everyone, please go and try it (∩^o^)⊃━━☆゚.*・。


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<UmiChika Cafeteria Basic Information>

Parking Lot Available・Free(16 spots)
Hours 11:00〜21:40(Last Order 21:00)
Regular Holiday None
Map Code 333 738 30*32
Address 〒901-2224

Okinawa-ken Ginowan-shi Mashiki 2-27-1


We hope it can be a reference for everyone’s Okinawa travel(╹◡╹)


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