A night activity you can take your kids with you to at Okinawa's biggest club?! Your chance to try it has come early!

Hai Sa-i! everyone!

I’m Ishii from the Okinawa Holiday Hackers(╹◡╹)


It’s a bit sudden but…

Where and what are you going to do for your Okinawa travel【Night】?



An Izakaya or a drinking-party are probably the most common answers…

And why do you think that’s the case in Okinawa?

That’s because there’s almost NO activities to do at night!!!


I want the kids to enjoy Okinawa travel【Night】too!

So with this in mind, I’m going to tell you about a nighttime activity starting this February 4th, 2019 (Mon.), you can enjoy with the kids, 「RYUKYU AMAZING NIGHT」(In Ryukyu-an: “AMAZING NIGHT) !! (∩^o^)⊃━━☆゚.*・。



▼Reservations/Details are here!




Place: Okinawa nightclub
「Club epica」


Location:Naha-city, Matsuyama

「club epica okinawa」




The biggest nightclub that everyone Okinawan knows about(╹◡╹)


▼The venue looks like this!


Take your kids over to the night club

and experience the mystique…lol


▼Reservations/Details are here!




Non-verbal / Night Activtity



A night activity where we don’t use words (Non-verbal) 、

Kids on their Okinawa trip can experience Japanese and Okinawan culture at 「RYUKYU AMAZING NIGHT」



No words were used during the performance so the story can be enjoyed regardless of nationality or age ^ ^ ♪


▼Reservations/Details are here!



Characteristic nightclub illuminations/sound gear was up for use and really added to the ambiance!!

The kids definitely enjoyed it (∩^o^)⊃━━☆゚.*・。



They want to see more!

Please come and experience the whole scene(╹◡╹)


▼Reservations/Details are here!




【Limited Time】1500 JPY per person


The night activity here,



  • starts from Feb.4(Mon.) and will be held twice a week on Mondays and Fridays with a 1hr show starting roughly at 8pm


  • Regular Admission is 3000 JPY per person (tax incl.)




Until March 29 the performances


\ for 1500 JPY (tax incl.), half price, /


you can enter!!!!(YAAAY!!!)


▼Even I’m surprised!, 50% Off!!!!!!!!


▼Reservations/Details are here!


How about it?!

A new type of night activity the kids are sure to love

「RYUKYU AMAZING NIGHT」Come on out everyone and give it a try(╹◡╹)



Venue club epica okinawa
Itinerary Feb. 4 2019 (Mon.) 〜 March 29(Fri.), held weekly on Mondays and Fridays (16 times in total)
Entry 19:00 Start

20:00 Show

21:00 Closig

Reservations Reservations/Details Here!
Parking None

Please use the nearby convenience store lot

Map Code 33 156 685*58


Okinawa-ken Naha-shi Matsuhama1-5−1 NAMURA PLAZA BUILDING 3F

Note Individuals under the age of 2 are unable to participate, we appreciated your understanding.


There will be a commemorative picture of everyone at the end♪

Fiona Ishii(石井 文月)

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