5-minute walk from Kokusaidori! A glowing Okinawa SNS spot where you can touch owls!

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Hello to everyone checking out Okinawa Holiday Hackers!

This is Inny!


This place is located near Kokusaidori [Owls Adventure Park] I stopped in with Okinawa Likes~

There are owls at the entrance to welcome you!


In the Owls Adventure Park, you can select from the Entrance Plan or the Hand-Held Experience Entrance Plan!

This time, I tried out the best value Hand-Held Experience Entrance Plan~


Hand-Held Experience Entrance Plan
(Adults ¥1500, 4-12 years old ¥1200, under 3 years free)


  1. Hand-Held Experience (4 years+)

    →You can hold an owl that is selected each day. Sorry for those under 3 years old…

  2. Taking Photos

    →You can take photos with cute owls, small animals, and reptiles.

  3. Contact

    →You can touch and pet the owls!

  4. Owl Area Exploration

    →You can observe various kinds of owls

  5. Animal Land Entrance

    →Enter the area where you can touch snakes, hedgehogs, and others

With this plan, you can enjoy these 5 for an unlimited amount of time ^^


Reception is on the 2nd floor


Hand-Held Owl Experience


The same kind of owl that appears in Harry Potter!!

A white owl named “Haku.”

It was so big and cool!


The most popular one in the building! A Chaco forest owl named “Marimo”

This one has a habit of flapping his mouth open and closed, and it is so adorable~


Notes for the Hand-Held Experience

*You must be 4 years or older for The Hand-Held Experience.

(Please note that children 3 or younger are not allowed for safety reasons).

*The Hand-Held owls are chosen on a daily basis.

*The owl chosen for the experience may change without notice depending on the physical condition of the owl.



There are many other owls too~!
You can touch it lightly or pet it’s head!


Heading to Animal Land! In addition to owls, there are snakes, hedgehogs, and more!


In addition to the owls, you can hold big snakes in your hand!

The “ball python,” a snake with a gentle personality, is slippery to the touch!


Hedgehogs can also be held in your hand!

This one is energetically moving around on my hand! I hope it doesn’t fall off…
There are also lizards, armadillos, and more~!


They also sell stuffed animal owls as souvenirs
The white owl stuffed animal is popular!



What do you think!?

A beautiful SNS spot where you can encounter calming owls

By all means visit the Owls Adventure Park!


【Details here】


I hope this is a helpful tip for your Okinawa travel!


Opening Hours 10:00~19:30

(19:00 Last Entry)

Closing Days Regular Holidays
Parking Lot None

(Coin parking nearby)

Map Code 33 157 235*82
Address Okinawa, Naha, Matsuo 2-10-10 Nakaima Bldg. 2F



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